Fokker YO-27

  Base model:O-27
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-1942
  Basic role:Observation

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Known serial numbers
31-587 / 31-592


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 Victor Klein
 Venray, YT
Hello All,

I have a book about the fokker history this book is given as a token to all engineers when the company existed 70 years.

This book present the fokker history. In this book there is no info about the aircrft YO-27.
Also in the Fokker-American history there is no info about this type.

Anthony Fokker started an Aircraft factory in Teterboro Airport NY under the name Atlantic Aircraft Corporation. The name Fokker was not used due to logical rearons. exept for the Sales office that was named Fokker Aircraft Corporation.
The factory rebuiled about 135 D.H. 4 bi-planes for the US army. And assembled all Airframes send from the Netherlands.
The type where indentefied by letters and roman numbers.
It oridginate of the German and Dutch mil. system.
D. Doppeldekker (dubbel wing) E. Eindecker
Obvius the frist Drei dekker (trippel wing) was to be an F. but was soon changed in a Dr.I.
( say D R I that sound like Dry = 3 in german )

This is where the F was availeble for Fokkers new type series. F. for the comercial types, D. for fighters, T. for bombers, S for trainers If you see a V. befor the nummers it's a prototype (V = Versuschsmachine in German).
Fokker used this number system till WW2. than the roman numbers became normal numbers but the F stayed. Some times You will see a - inbetween a number like F-27 that is buildby Fairchild. The Dash designate underlicense build.

Only the Univeral factory in the USA used F. and a regular number Like F.10 or F.7 it's not knowen if they developt any aircraft on there owne that could have an other designation.

The OY 27 seems not to be a Fokker
Fokker only used to build one solit straigt wings and all
Aircrft constructions where high wing types.
At the time of the OY 27 picture the Fokker used only radial engine's.

I'm not sure because there is no hard evedance that this was not a Fokker or a Universal Fokker.
Also there is no good history what Fokker build for the military. After WW I fokker was restricted by politics to construct war planes. But around 1930's they got that also going in smal numbers.

Sorry for the spel flaw's


02/21/2004 @ 11:40 [ref: 6808]


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