G & A (Firestone) XR-9B (XH-9B)

  Manufacturer:G & A (Firestone)
  Base model:R-9
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1941-1947
  Basic role:Rotary Wing (Helicopter)
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I have a monthly progress report on the XR-9 w/9 photos 8X10 and lots of info ....I tryed to post a pic and it dident work.......I am going to sell it soon ....If interested email me at jmnjohn@verizon.net ........THX JOHN ...
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 David Hatcher
 Dothan, AL
The Firestone Aircraft Company of Akron, Ohio was a subsidiary of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company which (bought) took over rights to a number of the Pitcairn Autogyro Company designs via an acquisition of Glider & Aircraft (G&A) Company of Chicago in 1944. G&A Aircraft had previously built six examples of the XO-61 two-seat gyroplane for the U.S. Army. This experience was applied to the design of a new helicopter for the U.S. Army, designated Model 45. The Model 45 was a conventional pod and boom helicopter with tandem seating, a fixed tricycle undercarriage and a three-blade main rotor. The original Model 45B design used a 126hp XO-290-5 engine and the Model 45C (military XR-9A) was a development with a two-blade rotor. However, neither of these was actually built and the prototype (which carried the identity 6001) was designated XR-9B and was fitted with a 135hp Lycoming O-290-5 engine.

Firestone also built a civil version, the Model 45D (NX58457), with side-by-side seating but development of helicopters was abandoned by Firestone in 1947.

The Firestone helicopter at the Army Aviation Museum, Fort Rucker, Alabama, although in olive drab paint with "6001" painted on the side has side by side seating, not tandem. It is surely the Model 45D. I cannot find the data plate on the airframe. The aircraft is in non display storage.
12/04/2006 @ 14:23 [ref: 14907]


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