General Airborne XCG-16A

  Manufacturer:General Airborne
  Base model:CG-16
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1941-1947
  Basic role:Transport Glider

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Known serial numbers
44-76192 / 44-76193


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 Friedrich Huggler
 Dachsen, OTH
Dear Sir. The picture on the page of the XCG-16A is wrong. It depicts the cargoplane Laister-Kaufmann YCG-10A. Kind regards. Friedrich Huggler
11/08/2004 @ 02:35 [ref: 8576]
 Charles Day
 , MI
Sorry, I can't spell me own name!

Forgot to mention, you can see several photos of the XCG-16 and photos (over 300) of other military gliders in "Silent Ones, WWII Invasion Glider Test and Experiment."

You can order from the AF Museum and other fine glider oriented museums or contact me.
12/15/2002 @ 10:00 [ref: 6211]
 Chalres Day
 , MI
GAT's Bowlus designed XCG-16 (not A) #44-76193 was the only flying XCG-16 and was delivered to the Glider Test and Experiment Base, Clinton County Army Air Field, Wilmington, Ohio early August 1944. It was towed to CCAAF from March Field Califonia by B-17, "Miss Barbara". CCAAF was to become an All Weather Flying Base in 1946 and ceased to be the glider test base in November 1945. At that time, Floyd Sweet was head of the glider program at Wright Field. All glider equipment and operations were moved in Oct-Nov. 1945 to Freeman Field for storage and later disposition. The glider operations were moved from Freeman to Wright Field in March 1946.
12/15/2002 @ 09:52 [ref: 6210]
 Jim West
 , IN
XCG-16A glider, serial 44-76193, the last serial number your shoe, was at Freeman Field in 1945. See www.IndianaMilitary.org and Freeman AAF and finally 'Planes at Freeman.

09/28/2002 @ 19:36 [ref: 5779]


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