Globe KD6G-2

  Base model:KD6G
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1945-1962
  Basic role:Target Drone

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Examples of this type may be found at
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 Matt Samsel
 , IL
I currently have two of the PJ32 pulsejet engines that were used on these.
08/31/2015 @ 11:43 [ref: 69234]
 Rick Whitaker
 Lexington, IN
I am presently restoring a Globe Target Drone. It was manufactured in 1945. This drone matches the size and design of the Radioplane OQ-14. The ID and Serial number decal is so warn with parts missing it is impossible to obtain all the information. I can make out "Globe Corporation Aircraft Division Joulet Ill."; Target Aircraft; 45G 7750. Does anyony know if Globe built or assembled the OQ-14?
07/08/2015 @ 05:01 [ref: 69160]
 Bobby H. McDaniel
 Emmett,, ID
From 1951-1954, I was assigned to Naval Squadron VU3-K, San Diego area. We flew and maintained radio controlled target drones, including the KD2G-2, pulse jet and the propeller driven model, ( model # escapes me), both from land and mfrom ships for gunnery practice. We could only operate the prop jobs aboard ships because of possible fire hazards. My job included the structural metal of the planes as well as operation and maintaince of the catapult used to launch the drones.
I still have a 3" model of the -2 jet, (enclosed in plastic), that I have been very protective of over all these years.
02/13/2015 @ 11:55 [ref: 68930]
 Tom Fey
 , IL
Bob, I believe the prop you have was used on the 0-45-1 engine that powered the Radioplane OQ-14 gunnery target. It cannot sit flat on a table due to the wide chord at mid span whose height exceeds the height of the hub.
02/08/2015 @ 15:06 [ref: 68919]
 Bob White
 Minooka, IL
Globe Aircraft had a facility between Lockport and Plainfield that made target planes during WW II. My Mother worked there during the war. I still have a propeller she had that is 32" long, 6 hole, and a 1 1/2" center. The number on it is 45G7796. Would like to find more information on that facility.
08/07/2014 @ 04:45 [ref: 68592]
 Charlie Sullivan
 Joliet, IL
I have not been able to find where the aircraft division of the Globe Corporation of Joliet, Illinois had anything to do with the Globe Aircraft Company of Fort Worth, Texas.

I ran across a description of a vice-president of the Globe Corporation (Joliet) in some of his estate sale items. It reads, "Globe KD6G-1 Drone Aircraft. Model came from the estate of someone who was the Vice President of Globe Corporation Aircraft Division Joliet , Illinois and an aeronautical engineer for General Motors Corporation Defense Systems Division GM Technical Center, Warren, Michigan."

This does not seem like the people who were involved with the GC-1 Swift of Fort Worth.

02/18/2013 @ 06:43 [ref: 67592]
 , CA
Put a saddle on that puppy and lets ride!!!!!! Its good work while it last! EEEEHHAAAAA :o)
09/22/2008 @ 15:32 [ref: 22718]
 bill tober
 waterloo, NE
Nee d help been looking for pictures and information on a propeller off what i believe a navy drone plane the propeller is 42" long 6-hole with 2" hub size with numbers starting with globecorporation aircraft division part number 35p4 model 7 or a sensenich number 42eqs64 please help.
09/24/2005 @ 15:48 [ref: 11324]


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