Goodyear L-1

  Base model:L
  Basic role:Airship

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 Mountain View, CA
My main interst is to mention Airship L-8. It was based at Moffett Field,Ca in the early part of WW2. In 1942 the L ships were being used for off shore sub patrol as there were not to many airships avail.On a hot day in Aug 1942 L8 went out of Treasure Island ( site of 1939 Worlds Fair) escorting a departing convoy with a crew of two pilots. Normaly a crew of three was carried , but due to the warm temp. Only two went on this patrol.In late afternoon the L-8 came drifting down in the streets of Daly City with no crew aboard. Only damage to the airship was done by the Daly City fire Dept. as they thought it would catch on fire not realizing it had helium instead of hydrogen. This could get rather lenghty,but no info of the missing crew was ever released and there were many ideas. The blimp as they were also called was restored and made ready for flight. I was one of a crew of 3 to take the blimp on its first mission after the incident. We were to proceed from Moffett Field and go out
to the ocean and go along the coast down to Watsonville
Santa Cruz area. soon after getting over the water the elevator control system broke. Floor boards were taken up and a tempory repair made and we returned to Moffett field
wondering if this ship was jinxed. After the War it flew many flights over the football games and was known as the
Columbia. Not positive of the name. Bob Downs Sept 2004

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