Goodyear ZPG-2W

  Base model:ZPG
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1941-1962
  Basic role:Airship, Patrol

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
137832, 139918, 141334 / 141335


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07/11/2012 @ 18:27 [ref: 63155]
 Bunky Wertman
 Allentown, PA
I hope you all enjoy the ZPG-2W photo I posted here.

Any of you U.S. Navy Blimp guys are welcome to visit the "Blimp Crew Tavern" on Facebook to share your old memories and blimp photos!

02/11/2011 @ 19:15 [ref: 35980]
 , WA
What do you gentleman think about reintroducing another blimp style craft into the armed forces? Practical or Impractical? Would it be a good idea or not and why?

09/25/2007 @ 07:56 [ref: 18002]
 Norman Blagbrough
 Hatfield, PA
Can't send the photos due to file size (blimps are big) exceeding 1meg, even when zipped. Too bad.
I flew in 2W's & 3W's from '59 to '62 in ZW-1 and then ZP-1 out of NAS Lakehurst. I have several photos, along with a crash and a full landing sequence. When the "bags" were deflated in late 1961, I went to VAW-12 in Quonset Point and flew WF-2's. I fondly remember the blimps and the willie fudds.
12/23/2004 @ 14:24 [ref: 8943]
 Norman Blagbrough
 Hatfield, OR
I flew in these 1959 to 1962, NAS Lakehurst, NJ. Have some photos that I have attempted to send to you. When the address changes to cuny in Brooklyn, the transfer hangs up, times out and the photos do not transfer. Whats up?

12/23/2004 @ 11:15 [ref: 8941]


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