Goodyear ZS2G-1

  Base model:ZS2G
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1941-1962
  Basic role:Airship, Scout

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
137486 / 137491, 141564 / 141570, 144239 / 144241, 146294 / 146295


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 , WA
What do you gentleman think about reintroducing another blimp style craft into the armed forces? Practical or Impractical? Would it be a good idea or not and why?

09/25/2007 @ 07:59 [ref: 18003]
 Bob Cook
 Des Moines, IA
I was stationed in Glynco, Ga. from 1956 until 1959. I was an Aviation Electricians Mate 3rd Class in ZP-2. I was lucky enough to collect flight pay for a while, and to see the flights as someone other than a ground handler. An experience I treasure now.

I witnessed the loss of 3 of our ships. I don't remember the order, but one was lost to a lightening strike just outside the hangar. They say it took 7 minutes to burn. Another was the frozen controls incident described in a writing by the pilot. I think it was titled "One Takeoff, 2 Crashes", or something to that effect. I was part of the ground crew that chased it across country in the "cattle truck". If the author would contact me, I would love to give him my perspective from the ground.
The 3rd loss was a ZS2G-1 being ferried back to Lakehurst, NJ.to be dismantled. I was scheduled to be on that flight, but traded my position with a friend, A.F. Howard. The ship went down in a swamp after clipping some pine trees, and burned. Andy Howard was one fatalities of that crash. It still gives me a erie feeling.

I suppose I should keep this to a NOTE.
Bob Cook
07/06/2005 @ 11:00 [ref: 10682]
 Dean Nelson
 Pt Ludlow, WA
In reviewing my flight log during 1955 through 1957 while attached to ZP-2 at NAS Glynco, GA., in addition to flying the ZS2G-1, serial numbers 137486, 141564, 141570 and 144239, which are listed, I also flew 137487, 137488 137490, 141566, 141567, 144240.
06/21/2005 @ 23:43 [ref: 10540]