Grumman F-11A 'Tiger'


  Base model:F-11
  Equivalent to: F11F-1 F11F1F11F-1
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
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  Length: 46' 11" 14.3 m
  Height:13' 3" 4.0 m
  Wingspan: 31' 7" 9.6 m
  Wingarea: 250.0 sq ft 23.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 14,330 lb 6,498 kg
  Gross Weight: 21,280 lb 9,650 kg
  Max Weight: 24,078 lb 10,919 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright J65-W-18 (A/B 10,500Lb
  Thrust (each): 7,400 lb 3,356 kg

  Range: 1,275 miles 2,053 km
  Cruise Speed: 578 mph 930 km/h 502 kt
  Max Speed: 753 mph 1,212 km/h 655 kt
  Climb: 18,000 ft/min 5,130 m/min
  Ceiling: 41,900 ft 12,770 m


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 J. Stadler
 , OK
I was with VT-23 NAAS Kingville. Joined the squadron Easter of '62 straight out a school and left Aug '65. We had about 50 F11F-1's in the inventory (later designated F11A) We had mostly long noses and maybe a half dozen short noses.
I wes in the P/P shop for about 6 mos then went to the line as a plane captain. I stayed on the flight line until late '64 early '65 when we transitioned to the F9's and TF9J's. I went back to the engine shop until i got out in Aug '65.
I used to have a few photos but they have dissapeared over the years. Haven't been able to find any of VTR-23 or NAASKINGS on the net for that time period.
02/02/2008 @ 10:02 [ref: 19508]
 Pete Martino
 , FL
I was stationed in Beeville with VT-26 from 1965 to 1969 and remember this aircraft well. Fast,loud and alot of fun
running them at the blast shield on base. Th e afterburner
was kick ass. Every time the Blue Angels came for a show
we would have to hide our f-11 spare parts. They would go into our old wooden hanger and take what they needed while we were on the tarmac watching them fly. We finally had a
pilot loose his wings and did a base fly by. I believe the tower told him to go out over the gulf and punch out. After that our whole squadron was grounded while we checked for cracks ande corrosion on wing spars. Found alot of cracks and the planes were retired. We also had one crash in a nearby town,in an alley next to a school that took us several days to remove. And I believe we also had one that
crashed on final approach just outside of the base perimeter. That bird was a great plane for her time. And then we got the TF-9J !!!!
01/10/2008 @ 07:49 [ref: 19213]
 Bill Lagler
 , GA
I was stationed in Kingsville Texas from 1965 to 69 Attached to Intermediat maintenance J-65 Jet shop I ran the test cell for the j65 w 18 What an experience. The engine was used in F-11 @ Beeville Texas VT-26 and the Blue's
07/13/2007 @ 17:33 [ref: 17088]
 Rich Brown
 Campbell, CA
I was with with VT-26 in Beeville, TX. when we took the last F-11s out of service and replaced them with TF-9J and AF-9j in July, 1967. The F-11 was a great bird. They looked fast just sitting on the ramp. I was one of the last fueler and oilers in the squadron, and one of the first F-9 plane captains. The last flight was a vertical pull up on the 360, in A/B. We had lots of accidents, and they just plain wore out. Out last planes were given to the Blue Angels.
09/11/2006 @ 14:22 [ref: 14143]
 Steve A
 , ME
Anyone know of a F-11 for sale in Tenessee? Details requested.
04/26/2004 @ 16:10 [ref: 7308]
 Mike Gilmer
 , CA
I am doing research on a Tiger aircraft.
I beleive the nose number was 602 when it was with VT-26.
I am looking for the BuNos for this nose number.
Can any one help?
08/20/2002 @ 09:49 [ref: 5516]
 marion farney jr
 , FL
I was attached to vf-111 during the early 60"s and we had the f11f-1 fighter. I've never seen a plane that impressed me more in flight. It was like a bullet and a real credit to the Grumman corporation that manufactured it. As a pilot myself now, I can appreciate what we had back then. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

09/14/2001 @ 12:36 [ref: 3179]
 Tom Dorroh
 , FL
While attached to VT-26 in Beeville, Texas in 1965, one of our F-11A's had about 1/2 of its wing falloff (in-flight).
I believe the pilot was a Lt. Hogan. There was a rust/corrosion problem. All planes were x-rayed and several had the same problem. The Blue Angels were flying that same plane and after their aircraft were x-rayed, they took several of our VT-26 planes.
What a great plane for its time!
07/12/2000 @ 19:49 [ref: 429]


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