Grumman RV-1D 'Mohawk'

Notes: Modified OV-1D for electronic warfare missions in support of tactical operations.
  Base model:V-1
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1956-Present
  Basic role:V/STOL
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance
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  Length: 44' 11" 13.6 m
  Height:13' 0" 3.9 m
  Wingspan: 48' 14.6 m
  Wingarea: 360.0 sq ft 33.4 sq m
  Empty Weight: 11,757 lb 5,331 kg
  Gross Weight: 15,741 lb 7,138 kg
  Max Weight: 18,109 lb 8,212 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Lycoming T53-L-701
  Horsepower (each): 1400

  Cruise Speed: 207 mph 333 km/h 180 kt
  Max Speed: 305 mph 491 km/h 265 kt
  Climb: 3,618 ft/min 1,102 m/min
  Ceiling: 25,000 ft 7,619 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Valiant Air Command MuseumTitusvilleFlorida

RV-1D on display

Valiant Air Command Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Patrick Collins
 Huntsville, AL
I was with the 73rd M.I. Co. in '77 - '78. I never heard of CBTI until recently. What years did you guys/gals work on them. Also, we were under the 7th Army.
06/30/2013 @ 23:49 [ref: 67920]
 Patrick Collins
 Huntsville, AL
I was with the 73rd M.I. Co. in '77 - '78. I never heard of CBTI until recently. What years did you guys/gals work on them. Also, we were under the 7th Army.
06/30/2013 @ 23:49 [ref: 67919]
 Noble Atkins
 Richland, WA
The RV-1D as well as the other designations of the OV-1A, B, C, super C and D was never utilized by the US Air Force. It was developed by the Marines and the US Army. The Marines dropped their interest and support leaving the US Army in full control of this wonderful aircraft. The Mohawk was in service from April 1959 through Sept. 1996. The US Army utilized this aircraft in all these countries: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, US/Mexico Border. This aircraft also was in service for Israel, NASA, Coast and Geodetic Survey, INS, and Customs and is currently in service with the Argentina Army. The OV-1 was truly a wonderful aircraft and remains so today.
06/12/2010 @ 15:37 [ref: 26586]
 Daniel W. Kirkeby
 Decorah, IA
I worked on the intelligence collection side of this aircraft. I do remember Bob. How are the mustangs? Imagine the only aircraft that wasn't suppose to fly. Heck of a bird.
04/30/2010 @ 12:08 [ref: 26113]
 Wayne Cochrane
 Victoria, MN
I too flew in that plane! I was stationed to the 73rd CBTI from '82-'84 and worked with Matt Shelton, Bob Bissonette and Bob Hamey! Some of the best folks I ever worked with. We had a blast in Stuttgart!! This brings back some memories.
07/24/2009 @ 04:49 [ref: 24311]
 Dennis Collins
 Greenville, MI
I was just reading Scott McLane's comments about the joys of hooking up to the aircraft. Like Scott, I was at the 1st MI, from '88-'90. It seemed to be raining every morning when I was sliding up underneath the belly to connect the cables to preflight the aircraft. The generator that we towed behind the PPV always gave me a shock. After a long night at Old Daddy's in Wiesbaden, that shock was probably the best thing!! I hope all you old 33R's are doing well.
02/20/2009 @ 12:38 [ref: 23776]
 Howard Jackson
 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tail #14238. I was one of the first crew chief originally assign to Stuttgart, Germany with the US ARMY's 73rd CBTI Company (seven step to hell), for the 144th ASA aviation company which was a active unit in Korea. The 144th ASA Co. was deactivation in Korea, and reactivation in Stuttgart Germany. Seven of the 73rd CBTI Company aircraft was assigned to the new 144th ASA Company. (three OV-1D, Three RV-1D and one trainer). After a move to Wiesbaden air base the 144th ASA Company was once again deactivated to become B Company of the 1st MI Bn. RV-1D tail #238 was lost during takeoff due to bird strikes.
07/28/2008 @ 18:37 [ref: 22287]
 Bob Bissonette
 Rochester, NY
Well, if you need a reference for ANYTHING Mohawk or Quicklook related Bob Hamey IS your man. I was lucky enough to work for him with the 144th and 1st MI Bn.

It's great to see the RV-1D rembered here.
02/26/2008 @ 04:23 [ref: 19781]
 Scott McLane
 Colorado Springs, CO
I was a 33R stationed in Weisbaden with A Co, 1st MI from 89-92. I use to fly the maintenance/calibration flights. I have flow in 262 and it is nice to see it is still around and not melted down. I just retired after 20 years and that was one of my best assignments. We also had 258, 267, 269, and 273 as our mission birds. 273 was lent to another unit and crashed in a dust storm during the Gulf War. Oh the memories of hooking to the belly with the Preflight/Postflight Vehicle (PPV).
02/04/2008 @ 18:16 [ref: 19553]
 Matt Shelton
 orlando, FL
I also served in stugart and Ft. Devens with Bob. It is strange to find these planes on the internet. I have to say that working on and flying in these planes was a highlite of my life.
12/08/2007 @ 08:09 [ref: 18849]


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