Grumman S2F-1U (US-2A) 'Tracker'

  Base model:S2F
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1946-1962
  Basic role:Anti-Submarine
  Modified Mission:Utility
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 Mike Daniel
 Lincoln, NE
I was in VS-38 from 1970-73. During a return from Wespac in 1972 one of our planes was launched into a wave as it went off the port bow catapult. The pilot was Lt. Charles Paddock (not sure of that spelling). The super chargers ran the water thru and the engines caught on the other side of the wave. The pilot kept the plane flying and began to dump fuel, turned it around, the deck crew did a fabulous job of clearing the land area and he landed the plane without mishap. I've seen a brief clip of that incident on late night ads selling "aircraft carrier accident" or something like that. I know the video exists, I've seen it several times while on the carrier, USS Ticonderoga. I'd like to know if anyone can help me find that video clip?
11/30/2006 @ 17:30 [ref: 14882]
 Dr. Peter Rossa
 Reklaw, TX
I was an AO striker with VS 722 from NAS Glenview, Illinois from 1966 to 1967. I would like to hear from anyone with info on the squadron and when it was deactivated.
09/29/2006 @ 13:41 [ref: 14334]
 Henry L Hegrat
 Maple Hts, OH
I was in S2Fs in 3 squadrons from 1957 until I retired from the Naval Reserve in 1967. I started in ASW at USNAS Akron OH in VS 651 with Grumman Guardians, AF-2W and AF-2S,
Transferred to USNAS Grosse Ile MI into VS 731 with S2F-1s
Then into VS 734 in 1967.

Would you be interested in some photographs that I have of S2Fs and a short video of a VS 731 cruise in Guantanamo Bay Cuba in 1960?

I was leading chief of VS 731 and VS 734.

Henry L Hegrat AEC USNR Ret
14118 Corridon Ave
Maple Hts OH 44137

09/13/2004 @ 18:52 [ref: 8264]