Grumman US-2B 'TRACKER'

Notes: TS-2A modified for passenger transport.
  Base model:S-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Anti-Submarine
  Modified Mission:Utility
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 Bill Carter
 , TX
I was a CTI1(AC) and often would fly as Plane Captain on the two US-2Bs at NAS Key West when we haul pax up to Jacksonville in the 1970's. The pilot, LCDR Tom Hampton, was a friend of mine and flew EC-121M's with VQ-2 before he transferred to Key West. One of the birds had the extra fuel tank in the torpedo bay. It often leaked a bit so no smoking was allowed on the aircraft.
05/20/2015 @ 06:08 [ref: 69098]
 George Fruhling Jr.
 , WA
I worked on a US-2B while assigned to the Naval Air Reserve Unit (NARU) at Nas Memphis, Millington Tn. between 1979 and 1980. We called it the "used to be." Honestly, we probably spent more time playing cards and ping-pong than workig on that (one) aircraft. That is, untill we were tasked to install a torpedo bay tank and related plumbing in an aircraft that never had it before. There was a kit, but half the parts were missing.
The R-1820 engines sounded cool. They had a sort of Harley Davidson lope at idle. I hope the guy who drove his pickup to the tower and nearly lost his camper shell to our prop wash isn't mad still. OK, I lied at the time. We were a little above the legal power settig for the flight line. Ha ha ha.
04/20/2005 @ 05:00 [ref: 10001]
There was also one S2 modified for photo. It was used for test and evaluation of torpedos, I think flown by VX-1, but I'm not sure. I think the designatr was RS-2C. It was used in the early-mid 1960's. I'd like to see any photos of it that might be around. I worked in Key West in the late 1960.s, and I believe this aircraft had already been put back into it's original configuration.
08/11/2002 @ 20:10 [ref: 5468]


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