Grumman US-2C 'TRACKER'

Notes: S-2C modified for target towing (4 CREW) .
  Base model:S-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Anti-Submarine
  Modified Mission:Utility
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Recent comments by our visitors
 David L. Booth
 , MI
I was stationed at NAS Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico with VC8
Flying Redtails Squadron 1969-1973. We had 2 US2C Stoofs.
I worked on the line servicing both recips and jets. Wasn't on the flight crew of the recips but was there assisting the crews in preflight and post flight duties. Also towed them in and out of the hanger for maint. Was always impressed with this aircraft with it's two huge engines on such a stought and squat aircraft. Seemed it simply leaped into the air on takeoff. Very impressive!!!!
03/02/2015 @ 06:21 [ref: 68964]
 Jeff McWhirter
 Birmingham, AL
VC-4 Det, NAS Cecil, 1968 - 1970
01/03/2015 @ 08:53 [ref: 68861]
 Skip Hawk
 Cincinnati, OH
VC4-Det Cecil- Red Tail J/F - Dragonflyers
1966 1968
10/24/2014 @ 05:50 [ref: 68713]
 Skip Hawk
 Cincinnati, OH
VC4-Det Cecil- Red Tail J/F - Dragonflyers
1966 1968
10/24/2014 @ 05:50 [ref: 68712]
 John Halcomb
 Alexandris, VA
Was stationed with VC-10 in Cuba 1971. Loved flying in the US-2C towing targets. My favorites were watching the water colors change through the belly hatch as we got closer to the base, Wing watching, riding on top, while we taxied to the flight line, and I GOT TO BE ON THE BOB HOPE SHOW AT CHRISTMAS TIME.
10/07/2014 @ 20:13 [ref: 68690]
 Steve Morse Sr.
 West Warwick, RI
Was attached to VU-10 in Gitmo on Recip Line.1964 - 1965 as Flight Crew Plane Captain. Later attached to VF-14 in Oceana, Va on FDR for Vietnam deployment. Got out of Navy then went into the reserves into VP-92 in South Weymouth, MA in P-3 Orions as Flight Engineer. The little Stoof at Gitmo was the best. Sort of like McHales Navy at Gitmo. We all had a gig going. My pal Tom Schaeffer and Whitey in base security used to go out in the boondocs and hunt banana rats.
09/14/2014 @ 11:26 [ref: 68657]
 John Yates
 wolcottville, IN
Was with vc3 also. A.E2. air crew om us2c and c54. 65-68. Loved it there.
09/03/2014 @ 03:40 [ref: 68632]
 John Thomas
 Mount Vernon, WA
ADJ2 at VC-5 Det. Cubi 1968-69. When I first arrived I was assigned to the line crew and became a plane captain for the A-4B. Promoted to ADJ3 and move into the jet shop. Worked with the ADR's maintaining the C-45 and US2C's. Loved helping with the morning checks and run up of all the recips. Scary looking plane with the nose gear in the air and squatting on the tail wheel when they were fully loaded for a C.O.D. hop. Filled in for the Greyhounds when the C-2 fleet was grounded due the prop failures. TAD to Danang during that time as it was closer to the carriers thus reducing flight times for the multiple daily C.O.D. flights. Worked with VC-5 Det. Okinawa boys that brought their US-2C's during this time.
08/24/2014 @ 18:12 [ref: 68622]
 Mike Hodgkins
 St. Leonard, MD
My father in law Tom Wenger was an aircrewman on US-2C with VC-10 in Gitmo 66-67. I was in the Navy for 20 yrs as an IFT on P-3 Orions. Tom has told me many sea stories about his adventures in the stoof.

08/15/2014 @ 09:54 [ref: 68609]
 Bob Vorce
 Wenatchee, WA
I pulled targets from 1964 through 1968 at NAS North Island. Gleaned around 2000 hours in the old birds, my handle was "Tractor Bob". Only had one engine failure and I damaged a wing tip while parking. Loved the squadron, met many great people. VU-3
07/30/2014 @ 14:42 [ref: 68582]


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