Grumman XF6F-6 'Hellcat'

  Base model:F6F
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter

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Known serial numbers
70188, 70913


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 Peter Horn
 , CA
According to the anthology: "The American Fighter" by Enzo Angelucci with Peter Bowles: Orion Books: New York: 1985: The figure for the rate of climb for the Grumman XF6F-6 was 936 m./min., or 3,070 ft./min., slightly faster than that for the F6F-5; (2,980 ft./min.); but marginally slower than that for the F6F-3; (3,100 ft./min.).
Peter S. Horn
02/20/2005 @ 22:32 [ref: 9490]
 Royce Gladden
 Monticello, AR
The XF6F-6 Hellcat prototypes were powered by a Pratt and
Whitney R2800-18w powerplant and a four-bladed propeller.
Officially its top speed was listed as 417 mph. However,
the prototypes were, I believe, two converted F6F-3 aircraft
and may have had the original air speed indicators, which
did not function properly. These old systems consistently
read 20 knots slower than the -3 Hellcat's actual speed.
The top speed for the -3 is listed, for instance as 376 mph.
Twenty knots translates to 23 mph and therefore the actual
top speed was 399 mph. The top speed for the -5 Hellcat is
listed as 386 mph, but shortly into its production run, the
-5 converted to a new and more accurate air speed system,
which listed its tops speed as 409 mph. If the XF6F-6 pro-
totypes had the old airspeed system, which in all probabil-
ity they did, then the actual top speed of these aircraft
would have been about 440 mph. This performance equals that
of the F4U-C Corsair.

Does anyone have information about this prototype's climb
10/15/2001 @ 12:00 [ref: 3401]

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