Hawker Sea FuryFB 11

  Base model:Sea Fury
  Designation:Sea Fury
  Version:FB 11
  Basic role:Fighter (UK)

  Length: 34' 8" 10.6 m
  Height:16' 1" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 38' 4" 11.7 m
  Wingarea: 280.0 sq ft 26.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 9,240 lb 4,190 kg
  Gross Weight: 12,500 lb 5,670 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Bristol Centaurus 18
  Horsepower (each): 2480

  Max Speed: 460 mph 740 km/h 400 kt
  Ceiling: 35,800 ft 10,910 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Canada Aviation Museum+ttawaOntario


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 Clive S
 Herts, UK, OTH

It seems quite a few Sea Furies have been re-engined, but there are some still flying with their original Centaurus sleeev-valve engines, which is nice. The Centaurus\' predecessor, the 1650 HP Hercules (65,000 produced), was of course acknowledged as the most reliable high output military engine in large scale manufacture during WWII. Only 2800 Centauri were produced, but was considered a good reliable engine from its first installation, subsequently ending up in a variety of transport aircraft (it\'s just occurred to me that I\'ve flown in one, the Bristol Beverley 4-engined troop transport!)

In practice the large Wright radials would of course have reduced the Sea Fury\'s range and endurance considerably - as for a carrier \'go-around\'... don\'t even think about it (British carriers decks were and are today, much smaller than the typical US floating city!). Even with the Centaurus , an abort required a lot of care in re-applying full power...

whereas as mentioned below, the contra-prop Griffon Seafire was a dream. The two were pretty well matched, though the Fury was considered generally more robust for carrier duties, particularly with regard to its wider undercarriage track.

In fact, the Seafire, as all Griffon Spitfires, had a remarkable climb rate and would find itself at 40,000 ft nearly a minute before the Sea Fury (about 10 minutes dead!)

It could also out-turn just about any other fighter built between 1940 and 1950, due to its super wing. Even at the end of its intensive 10 year development period, having had its power and climb rate doubled, and top speed increased by nearly a third, the late Griffon Spitfires and Seafires were still an interceptor you wouldn\'t want to tangle with!

The Mk XIX photo-recce Spits could also claw their way up to 50,000 ft and sometimes more near the equator and of course, one is famous for exceeding M 0.9 in a dive from that altitude and staying in one piece...
11/24/2007 @ 13:06 [ref: 18654]
 Rick Pellicciotti
 Memphis, TN
I just happened up on this page. The Sea Fury in Memphis is operated by the Memphis Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. It has been re-engined (like a lot of other Sea Furys) with a Wright 3350, 3000hp engine. The Wright is a lot more reliable and parts are readily available. You can learn more about the Memphis Squadron here:


The airplane made the cover of Sport Aviation magazine, October 2007 edition.

10/09/2007 @ 03:56 [ref: 18139]
 Chris Wright
 Sydney NSW, OTH
Hi Clive,
I\'ve read a lot about Typhoons, Tempests and Sea Furies over the years - originally converted to the \"cause\" 1st by reading Pierre Clostermann\'s \"The Big Show\" and 2nd that the Royal Aust Navy used Sea Furies in Korea - but I\'ve never read about Sabres making 4000hp before. I\'m an ex-Qantas airframe/engine fitter on 747s and this figure astounds me for a piston engine. Can you suggest books on the subject that could fill in this void, and as an aside - have you ever seen photos of an RR Griffon powered Fury with 6-blade contra prop? I have but the book that shows it has no detail on flying it or performance data (Typhoon & Tempest at War - Reed and Beaumont - Publ by Ian Allan).
CRW, Sydney Australia
07/06/2005 @ 21:32 [ref: 10689]


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