Hiller OH-23F 'Raven'

  Base model:H-23
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Observation
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  Length: 29' 10" 9.0 m
  Height:9' 9.5" 2.9 m
  Wingspan: 35' 5" 10.7 m
  Empty Weight: 1,813 lb 822 kg
  Gross Weight: 2,800 lb 1,269 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Lycoming VO-540-A1B
  Horsepower (each): 305

  Range: 225 miles 362 km
  Cruise Speed: 90 mph 144 km/h 77 kt
  Max Speed: 96 mph 154 km/h 83 kt
  Ceiling: 15,200 ft 4,632 m

Known serial numbers
62-12507 / 62-12512

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama

OH-23F on display

United States Army Aviation Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Glenn E. Chatfield
 North Liberty, IA
The OH-23F at Ft Sill, which I photographed in 1986, was marked as an OH-23G which was shot down in Vietnam in 1968. The aircraft was removed from display sometime after September 2010. Does anyone know the actual ID of this aircraft or its whereabouts now?
06/12/2013 @ 14:33 [ref: 67882]
 Jeffrey Kron
 , IN
OH-23G # 62-3791 is at Ft Sill on outside display and is described on the the display as an OH-23F. I don't know why the display says that it is an 'F' model, but it does.
01/17/2009 @ 15:32 [ref: 23507]
 Don Bailey CW4 (Ret)
 Mariposa, CA
I finally was able to get my photo of "508" that I flew in Iran (1966-67) uploaded to your website. The photo came in about 1/2 size. The serial no.[12508] is visible on the tail boom. Not familiar with uploading, but my experimentation worked, even though I received a message saying I need to re-do the upload. Perhaps I can upload more photos of "508" ,if I can recall how I did this one!!
If there are any other "topo" pilots that flew "508" or other "sister" OH-23F a/c, they can respond to my e-mail address: dabinca@sti.net
CW4 Don Bailey (USA) Ret.

06/03/2008 @ 20:51 [ref: 21106]
 Don Bailey ,CW4 USA-(Ret)
 Mariposa, CA
I have recntly sent some photos and stories about OH-23F "508", that I flew in Iran-circa'66-'67 to Rob S. at the Russell Military Museum. Rob S. left a comment on your url that he needed some photos of the OH-23F.
I'm not computer literate enough to upload photos. If you would like several photos of "508",I'm sure Rob would upload or FWD to you . re:(museun@db3mail.com)
Another option would be for me to FWD as an attachment from my "Sent" folder. (If you can provide me with an e-mail address.) Stories and info concerning/relating to the Iran photos are imbedded in the attachments.
One photo of "508" is a side view and the serial no. is clearly visible.
I also have photos of the OH-23B,JOH-23L,*CH-34s (*parked at Hanchey AHP-Ft. Rucker,AL) .. and the Sikorsky UH-19D ,UH-1A,L-21, L-19, "Otter","Beaver" and the OH-58A available that I can scan and send to your e-mail address.
Don Bailey-CW4, USA (Ret)
Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course-62-10A
Also have photos of the civilian version of the Hughes TH-55 and civilian Brantly B2B & Brantly "305".

05/29/2008 @ 11:58 [ref: 21050]
 Don Bailey
 Mariposa, CA
Hi Rob:
Not sure how to upload photos, so I have sent some photos of OH-23F "508" that I flew in Iran as a field pilot.('66-'67)
I scanned and sent them to your museum's e-mail address. (museum@db3mail.com.)
I "googled" your museum and got the address from that.
The Iran photos have a story included.. Names, places and events.
Do you have an interest in any other aviation related photos??
I have several photos of the "B" Hiller and my class photo-ORWAC-6210A at Ft. Rucker. Also one of the "D" UH-19 in flight.
Let me know!
DB (CW4-USA-Ret)

05/28/2008 @ 23:15 [ref: 21047]
 David Hatcher
 Enterprise, AL
This model Hiller was procured by the Army to support the US Geodetic Service to survey remote places of the world. While I was in flight school my UH1 instructor pilot, Gene Bragg, was a Captain in the Engineer Corp and flew this model in South America.
The aircraft is in non display storage.

11/30/2007 @ 16:05 [ref: 18736]
 Flight Dept. (Rob S. CW2)
 Zion,, IL
Would Love a Photo of the -23 for our museum: Russell Military Museum.com We have two. Please fwd. any stories you can tell about your experiences in this helicopter. I soloed in a Hiller -23 in 1967 and went on to fly AH1-G Cobras in '68 and 69. Thanks Rob. Russell Military Museum Flight Department.

08/26/2007 @ 17:24 [ref: 17768]
 CW4 Don Bailey-USA (Ret)
 Mariposa, CA
While assigned to the Aviation section, 64th Engineer BN, Tehran,Iran as a "topo" field pilot, I flew OH-23F ser. No. 62-12508 circa'66-'67.Geodetic survey ops for the Corps of Engineers--Army Map Service-Special Foreign Activity..
I have a color photo of above named helicopter available.
The photo contains a desert setting near Khash, Iran.(Spike camp)
My call sign was "Crazy Horse".
In the bacground is my cover a/c "Redwood". An "Otter".
My photo states that it was April 1967. The photo is about 3" x 5" in size and I can scan it and send it to you.
The info displayed on the Ft. Rucker's Museum's listing indicates the same OH-23F serial no. and is in storage. "508" had a hard landing in Tabriz,Iran later that year, but I was not the pilot.
I suspect "508" may have been sent to a repair facility in Germany,but do not have any definitive info. Advise..
Don Bailey -CW4, USA (Ret)

01/16/2007 @ 00:33 [ref: 15195]


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