Hiller YH-32 'Hornet'

  Base model:H-32
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
53-4663 / 53-4664, 55-4963 / 55-4974

Examples of this type may be found at
Fantasy of FlightPolk CityFlorida
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama

YH-32 on display

Fantasy of Flight


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 Dan Skeeters
 Tehachapi, CA
I had two of these funny 'copters. Denney Clark, up state New York area bought one that I had obtained. That was 28+ years ago. Stan Hiller bought the YH-32 that I refurbished and had it shipped to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, that was 25+ years ago. Location the the Hiller Hornet that I did is in Washington. North West Helicopters did a trade between Museum of Flight for my YH-32 restoratiom project. The last time I heard. the owner of the firm was trying to get it flying and registered with the FAA.

If you are intesterated in knowing more, contact me.

Skeeters in Tehachapi,Ca 93561

08/10/2013 @ 19:04 [ref: 68008]
 Dan Skeeters
 Tehachapi, CA
Up loading old photos recently scanned of my Hiller YH-32 restoration project. I remember my friends and I in a cheap dingy motel in Anaheim, Ca putting the final touches on the displays before the Helicopter Association International. On the opening day of the show, the Challenger exploded.

Belated Thanks to Bill Hinshaw, Ron Johnston and Carol Scoggins. All photos circa 1982-1986. That was before Al Gore invented the internet....

Take that Eric Canon
04/14/2012 @ 17:12 [ref: 55652]
 Dan Skeeters
 Tehachapi, CA
Hello There- My name is Dan Skeeters. I am proud to say that I did do the restoration of the Hiller YH-32 that used to hang at the Musuem of Flight in Seattle. The 'coptor is currently in hiding at Evert Field awaiting transportation to the Hiller Museum in Palo Alto, Ca. This information correct as of 10/22/2011.,

I actually had two YH-32's at one time

10/22/2011 @ 20:59 [ref: 49692]
 hiller hornet
 , AZ
whats one of these guys worth
10/22/2011 @ 19:48 [ref: 49691]
 e. Gilson
 , CA
I know for a fact that Dan Skeeters refurbished the helicopter. I have seen the photos as well.
08/13/2011 @ 13:52 [ref: 46030]
 , OK
12/21/2008 @ 10:02 [ref: 23297]
 , OK
Lets see the photos and serial numbers then i'll believe you. Where is the other one located that "you" restored? Thanks
12/21/2008 @ 09:37 [ref: 23296]
 Dan Skeeters
 Tehachapi, CA
It took me 6 years to do the restoration. I have the pics to prove it. You have no basis for the your statement, "Dan skeeters did not restore these helicopters, my grandfather did he is taking credit for something he did not do and just purchased that way.".........You try and tell me some history of this first C.A.A. Jet 'copter. Did Stanley Hiller ever fly your grandfather up to his (then) private museum in Palo Alto? Has your grandfather ever recieved a letter from the Smithstonian congradulating him on his find?
No,,,,,,I thought not. Dan Skeeters
08/03/2008 @ 05:46 [ref: 22337]
 Eric Canon
 okc, OK
Dan skeeters did not restore these helicopters, my grandfather did he is taking credit for something he did not do and just purchased that way.
02/16/2008 @ 19:46 [ref: 19694]
 Dan Skeeters
 Tehachapi, CA
I restored the YH-32 as shown at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Wa. It took me six years. I still have some interesting photos of the rebuild. Actually I had two Hornets at the time. I have thier serial #'s some where. My latest project, now completed is a 1946 Ercoupe 415. Dan Skeeters
01/31/2007 @ 16:31 [ref: 15365]


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