Junkers C-79

  Base model:C-79
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

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 Tom K
 , MI
I'm trying to find photos of this bird too. The Ju-52/3m is one of my favorite transport warbirds and I'd like to build a model of this one-of-a-kind Ju-52.

The last thing on the internet that I found was that C-79 s/n 42-52883 belonged to the 49th SrG, USAAC. It was operated out of Panama and was involved in a taxiing accident in Trinidad on 9 June, 1943.

Beyond that, I have nothing.
12/11/2007 @ 00:18 [ref: 18873]
 Mike Hooper
 Quito, AL
Of the two aircraft belonging to SEDTA and requisitioned by the Ecuadorian government, the US Defence department acquired the ACONCAGUA (J4075) for the Supplies Corporation of the US Army Air Force (USAAF) and was taken to the Panama Canal Zone and given the designation Junkers C79 in May 1942. The AZUAY (J5109) became property of the Ecuadorian Air force and in 1945 the original motors (BMW 132T, 830 Hp) were changed for Pratt and Witney R134040 motors of 600 HP. Although the cargo payload was reduced, the aircraft continued in service and later became the first Presidential aircraft; re named “The Poet” and was used by President Velasco Ibarra, until retired by the air force in 1949. TAO (Transportes Aéreos Orientales) purchased AZUAY from the FAE and it continued flying to the Amazon region and Esmeraldas on the northern coast, carrying cargo and passengers. On the 8th April 1958 leaving Quito airport one engine cut out and as the pilot, Christopher Drexel, was turning back to Quito the second motor failed and he made an emergency landing in a field of maize near Cotocallao. On impact, the aircraft broke in two and two of the twelve passengers were lost, a sad ending for such a historic aircraft.

Hope of Interest - Mike Hooper

06/25/2005 @ 16:09 [ref: 10584]
 D. Lloyd
 , NJ
As per "U.S. Military Aircraft Designations and Serials since 1909" compiled by John M. Andrade; the C-79 was a Brazilian-registered Junkers Ju-52/3m, c/n 5283, registration PP-CBA, named "Aconcagua" of Sindicato Condor. Aircraft was impressed and transferred to the USAAF in May 1942 and serialed 42-52883. Aircraft was based in Panama, and was disposed of in December 1943; transfered to the US Public Roads Administration in Costa Rica. Aircraft later registered TI-60.

My other research indicates that prior to her life in South America, she carried German civil registration D-AENF. I have a copy of the USAAF record card for the aircraft that indicates she was assigned to the Panama Air Depot (exact date of transfer was 9 May 42) and based at Albrook Fld, Canal Zone. Was transfered to Aruba on 9 July 42; apparently back to Panama 0n 25 November 42; and to Salinas-Equador 21 April 43. Records show aircraft was condemned on 20 Dec 43 or 7 Dec 44, however you want to interpret the entry. The 1943 date would jive with the Andrade book info.

Would love to see a picture of this aircraft as a C-79. Maybe an old Canal Zone vet snapshot will show up!
08/19/2004 @ 23:46 [ref: 8099]
 , QC

I've not seen one of these aircraft before.There seems
very little known about them.If anyone has any information
on them I would love to here from you.
03/05/2002 @ 08:30 [ref: 4451]


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