Kaman SH-2F

Notes: SH-2D helicopter with HIGH-STRENGTH landing gear, doppler resistor, torpedo solenoid, and (LN66) radar improvements.

Control Panel
  Base model:H-2
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Anti-submarine
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  Length: 52' 7" 16.0 m
  Height:15' 6" 4.7 m
  Wingspan: 44' 13.4 m
  Wingarea: 1,520.0 sq ft 141.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 7,040 lb 3,192 kg
  Gross Weight: 12,800 lb 5,804 kg
  Max Weight: 13,300 lb 6,122 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric T58-GE-8F
  Horsepower (each): 1350

  Range: 410 miles 660 km
  Cruise Speed: 138 mph 222 km/h 120 kt
  Max Speed: 153 mph 246 km/h 132 kt
  Climb: 2,670 ft/min 813 m/min
  Ceiling: 17,600 ft 5,364 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USN HSL-30 Norfolk VA
USN HSL-31 North Island CA
USN HSL-32 Norfolk VA
USN HSL-33 North Island CA
USN HSL-34 Norfolk VA
USN HSL-35 North Island CA
USN HSL-36 Mayport FL
USN HSL-37 Barbers Point HI
USN HSL-74 South Weymouth MA
USN HSL-84 North Island CA
USN HSL-94 Willow Grove PA
USN VX-1 Patuxent River MD

Known serial numbers
161641 / 161652, 161654 / 161658, 161898 / 161915, 162576 / 162587, 162650 / 162655, 163209 / 163214 , 163547 / 163552

Examples of this type may be found at
NAS NorfolkNorfolkVirginia
National Museum of Naval AviationNAS PensacolaFlorida

SH-2F on display

NAS Norfolk


Recent comments by our visitors
 Rich Mason, CDR USN (Ret)
 , TN
Two tours in HSL-34. A lot of great memories. The H-2 was the best aircraft I've flown, and I've flown many fixed and rotary alike. I keep a picture on my desk at work of my aircraft touching down on a dark night in the Med in 1985 (no Commanders moon that night). It reminds me that my shipmates and I did great things back in the day.

Sitting here now looking back on those days brings a smile to my face and a wistful pang that makes me wish I was back there doing it all again. I was blessed to be allowed to be a naval aviator and doubly blessed to serve with the great people in HSL-34
06/13/2015 @ 17:40 [ref: 69125]
 Brian Brazil
 , CA
Served in HSL-32 Det 6 1990 to 1993 with the best group of guys and a crazy Chief. I loved our officers cause I got to log a large number of flight hours. The aircraft itself as a breeze until you had to rebuild the deicer or adjust the flaps.
02/28/2015 @ 11:15 [ref: 68960]
 Fred \" Spike \" Schau
 Oakley, CA
I served in HSL-30 from 1978 thru 1981 as a AD3.I was there
when we lost one of our "D" models,My best friend Paul James Dellas was onboard.
09/14/2014 @ 21:13 [ref: 68659]
 Mack, Todd AW1
 , MI
I served in HSL-30 and HSL-32 in late 1973 to mid-1975. I was a SAR Rescue Swimmer. I deployed once in late 1974 aboard the USS Jesse Leroy Brown, DE (FF) 1089 to the Med. Our SH-2F had the side #66 and was nicknamed "Leroy-66". I did my reserve duty with VS-73 (S2F) and VP-93 (P3B, the Executioners) at NAF Detroit, Michigan until the squadron was decommissioned. When I retired in 1996 I was attached to TSC 0273, NAF Detroit. I found flying in the H2 to be the best of all.
06/13/2014 @ 08:46 [ref: 68510]
 Robert (Biff) White
 Wilmington, NC
I served between 1974-1978 as a AMH2 and Utility Crewman and also served on the USNS Harkness. Pilots were Lt Bayless and Ens Parsons.
12/01/2013 @ 12:35 [ref: 68201]
 Mark Childree
 Wilmington, NC
HSL-32 1982 to 1987 as an AD2 to AD1, HSL-34 1989 to 1993, Det Chief and all the bells and whistles as far a quals. What a challenging but yet so rewarding platform to be associated with, these tours were the stepping stones for the rest of my 30 years career. LAMPS is where I met and served with some of the most professional pilots and maintainers to this day have been unmatched., People like Mike Muetzel, Vic Sea, Curtis Marcantel, Kolisnakof (sorry about the spelling, Wiggins, Michael Thomas, Beebe, Gary Jones, Sherland, Zibokowski, Greg Hausler, Charles Martin, Chris Hyder, Ralph Roman..and too many more to name. I am certain that some of the best pilots and maintainers today were raised in the LAMPS community.
V/R Mark Childree
Retired US Navy AFCM, 2009
06/12/2013 @ 08:36 [ref: 67876]
 Norfolk, VA
I was in HSL-34 from 1984-1988 Det 5 and then 4 as a mech, had to love it, time was great, still have a lot of friends from here.
01/26/2013 @ 14:43 [ref: 67522]
 Victor Huot
 Mechanicsburg, PA
I was with HSL-36 from 1977 - 1983 (Mayport, Fl) and again with HSL-34 (Norfolk, Va)from 1988 - 1991 (Desert Shield/Storm). this was a great aircraft and very much under appreciated like CMR Sherlarnd points out. One of the coolest things about the hookie 2 was the Kaman Winch that could be installed on either side allowing for changes of the blades, main gearbox, combining gearbox and engines. This allowed the mechanics like myself to work in extreme conditions but get the job done. We didn't need a hangar!! :) Very proud of my hookie 2 days!!!
05/14/2012 @ 09:39 [ref: 57116]
 CDR M.G. Cox, USN (Ret)
 , VA
I flew all of the H-2s from the UH-2A to the SH-2F. I started at HC-4 in Lakehurst; transitioned the squadron to HSL-30 and moved to Norfolk; and commissioned HSL-34. Logged about 2500 hours in Seasprites.
03/11/2012 @ 07:06 [ref: 54216]
 Meredith Bell
 , TN
Danny and I were at HSL-34 in 1986, we were married in 1987 and are still together 23 years, our daughter is getting ready to graduate from Grad School as an elementary school teacher, everyone thought we would never make it. Danny retired as a Chief. HSL-34 was the best squadron ever!!!
11/27/2010 @ 18:49 [ref: 33375]


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