Lockheed B-34 'Lexington'


Control Panel
  Base model:B-34
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
41-38020 / 41-38219


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 John Voss
 , CA
The designation "Lexington" was assigned to the B-37 by the USAAF. The B-37 was a variant of the B-34(Navy PV-1).
The B-37 was NOT the USAAF equivalant of the Navy PV-2 Harpoon.
02/22/2006 @ 11:09 [ref: 12576]
 Puyallup, WA
In Western Flying Magazine, February, 1943 on pages 44 and
45 is an article titled "Popular Names For War Planes Made
Official" along with a collage of pictures of the military
aircraft of the day. Listed is the Vega Ventura (B-34).
There are 37 aircraft listed and none of the aircraft listed
is called a Lexington. If I come across any reference to
a Lexington, as I add more aircraft to my web site, I will
post it here.
10/28/2001 @ 01:15 [ref: 3505]
 Paul D. Harvey
 Clinton, UT
I have the same question as Mr. J.L. in Florida. The only aircraft that fits the description of the B-34 is the "Ventura." If there is a bomber named the Lexington, then perhaps it may be a variant of this model.
02/01/2001 @ 15:21 [ref: 1515]
 , FL
One note about this Photo. There may be another Bomber listed
as the "Lexington", but this is the only one known in the
Military Archives.
08/01/2000 @ 13:32 [ref: 520]


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