Lockheed EC-121T 'Super Constellation'

  Base model:C-121
  Nickname:Super Constellation
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation
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Examples of this type may be found at
Peterson Air & Space MuseumPeterson AFBColorado
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona

EC-121T on display

Peterson Air & Space Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Don Fender
 diberville, MS
Was at McCellan from 65 to 72 964th less one year "Kume Shime", lots of good times
12/23/2015 @ 13:36 [ref: 69377]
 Allen myers
 , WA
I was in the 964th 74-76 as a A27670,then homestead 76-78. I was on the aborted takeoff in scotland (louse mouth rafb).as i recall the nose gear was just a few feet from a farmers stone wall when we came to to a full stop.that was a moment on the connie ill not forget.
09/03/2015 @ 12:56 [ref: 69235]
 Daniel French (Frenchy)
 Jacksonville, FL
I had the pleasure of serving with 79th and the 915th AEW&C out of Homestead AFB FL from 1972 to 1978. I also served in Iceland from 1976 to 1978. I remember Mercy who was the shortest of all the aircrew that I flew with. We had 4 or 5 women that flew with us and were very outstanding scope operators. I did the rest of my career with the 482nd FW and was hired as a Air Reserve Technician. After Hurricane Andrew I transferred to the 301st and retired from the reserves in 1997. Continuing my Civil Service with the 49th FS (F117)in Alamogordo NM in the calibration Lab. I then transferred to NAS Jacksonville FL work in the Navy Cal Lab there. I retired from the Civil Service in 2006.

11/26/2013 @ 00:01 [ref: 68184]
 Mercedes(Merce) Emilia Barreiro
 Miami, FL
From 75 to LATE 1978 I flew as an A27650. I spend a bit of time in Iceland. I had the honor of being the shortest person in the unit on flying status. The crews use to call me Mercy. The 121 was excellent airplane even with an outrages amount of time on the airframe the old bird held true.Of course there were a few exciting moments and a lot of boring ones to. All in all I had the privilege of flying with the best Gals and Guys you can ever come across. To both the 79th and 915th AEW&C which I was a proud member of and of course the 552nd Palace Chase Group thanks for some great memories.
07/11/2013 @ 18:58 [ref: 67944]
 Barry Fulcher
 Denver, CO
I was a scope dope with the 964 AEW&C sq at McCellan AFB 66-70. We used to have to go to Danang for fuel and when somtehing went FUBAR . I need to prove feet on the ground, in Nam. Can anybody help me? I see the old Triple Nickle is in a Museum, tha's great to hear she always did right buy me.
11/22/2011 @ 09:57 [ref: 50443]
 rick weaver
 slidell, LA
i was stationed at McClellan(74-76)and homestead(76-78)and have great memories of the old connie but as someone before said not that great tdy's. it was my first aircraft as a flight engineer. i was also the youngest fe in the air force at the time. i had to look up 121's in the book of jane's to see what it looked like. that was the best flying.can,t count how many times we came home with 1 engine shut down. i was the 2nd fe on the one that lost the left gear and burned in iceland then on the one that ran off the runway in scotland. to say it was interesting flying 121's was an understatment. i went on to fly c-141's and kc-10's. but my favorite was the connie. the smell of the av gas and oil still are in my brain.
07/06/2010 @ 13:43 [ref: 26987]
 Bobby D. Smith
 , AL
Stationed at Udorn and Korat in 67 -68 in a purple suit job coordinating communications support to various operations including Task Force Alpha and Igloo White of Mcnamara's "electronic fence" - as part of orientation to some of the special airborne missions I had the opportunity to fly with College Eye. Those folks did a great job on long hour missions in difficult air environments; as a former EWO I had then and still have now deep appreciation for the tasks they and many others performed with the EC 121 variants.
03/23/2009 @ 07:04 [ref: 23998]
 Lynn F. McAtee
 Plains, MT
In all my years of flying, the Connie is my all time favorite. I was with the 963rd at McClellan from March 1970 till June 1974, when the old outfits began to go out of business. I flew with some of the most outstanding aviators in the world, flying just over 4000 hours as flight engineer. Our greatest claim to fame I believe was that we specialized in pulling TDY's in the "Armpits" of the world. Such exotic places as Kwang Ju Korea, Korat Tailand, Keflavik Iceland and a few more here and there.
On one TDY in Korat, we were on a "routine" patrol, feet wet off the VietNam coast, when we were quaried what endurance we had remaining and after looking at the charts, determined that we had 16+ hours remaining in the tanks, so were assigned to go north to the Hanoi area, where we became the local "Controller" for the first air strikes on Hanoi and the local area on December 22, 1972. We stayed "on station for more than eleven hours and finally had to call "Bingo fuel" We arrived back at Korat with all fuel gages dangeling in the "0" range. I had a lot of other memorable flights. Thanks all you great guys from the 552 wihg that kept us in the air.
01/08/2009 @ 22:05 [ref: 23446]
 Dave Alinsky
 Medfield, MA
I was a radar operator and then an intercept control tech on the EC-121's from 1965 -1968. Out of McClellan attached to the 552 Squadron. Went to Nam on College Eye from 5/67 -12/67. Anybody around from those days? Contact me at dave@cmgx.biz. Doug Christensen was my roommate.
12/10/2008 @ 08:30 [ref: 23227]
 Fred Kofoid
 Charleston, SC
Hi my name is Fred Kofoid. I am trying to find information about the 552 AEW&C wing. My father Allen Kofoid was attached as a Comm-Rpmn (Radar Repairman) on a 30152 aircraft. In 1966 he was sent TDY to Tan Son Nhut Air base in Saigon, for 4 months and 8 days. I am trying to find anyone who may have served with him. The reason is my fathers records burned in a house fire in 1970. He has prostate cancer, and is trying to prove he was in Vietnam. Of course the Government is not real easy to deal with. The VA is treating him due to the agent orange that was found in his system. The problem is he is having trouble getting approved for his VA Benifits. If anyone knew him or served with him, or can give me a way to prove he was there I would greatly appreciate it. My Email is fkofoid@yahoo.com, any information is welcome. thank you.

Fred Kofoid.
01/02/2008 @ 13:26 [ref: 19122]


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