Lockheed RB-69A 'Neptune'

  Base model:B-69
  Equivalent to: P2V-7U
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

  Length: 91' 8" 27.9 m
  Wingspan: 103' 10" 31.6 m
  Wingarea: 1,000.0 sq ft 92.8 sq m
  Empty Weight: 49,935 lb 22,646 kg
  Gross Weight: 73,139 lb 33,169 kg
  Max Weight: 79,895 lb 36,233 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Wright R-3350-32W
  Horsepower (each): 3500

  Range: 2,200 miles 3,542 km
  Cruise Speed: 188 mph 302 km/h 163 kt
  Max Speed: 403 mph 648 km/h 350 kt
  Climb: 1,760 ft/min 536 m/min
  Ceiling: 22,000 ft 6,705 m


Recent comments by our visitors
 Tom Pera
 , CA
B69 used to drop modified navy sonobouys over the ho chi minh trial to monitor truck traffic - many shot down and were replaced by F4s
09/09/2015 @ 19:31 [ref: 69243]
 hsing jen
 , IL
you can get the book "The Black Bat - CIA Spy Flights Over China From Taiwan 1951-1969" by Chris Pocock. The book is devoted to the history the 34th Squadron also known as the Black Bat Squadron to which the P2V's were assigned.
03/28/2011 @ 20:43 [ref: 37130]
 Art LeBrun
 Orange,, CA
Warpaint Series 51 Lockheed Neptune has several pages on the RB-69A. It reports the 5 used in the Far East were all lost while the 2 used in Germany have
no disposition. These were procured from the Navy unbuilt and finished up production in the Skunk Works plant.
07/27/2010 @ 21:56 [ref: 28413]
 Peter O
 , NH
In 1967 I was stationed at the Naval Air Test Center - Weapons Systems Test Division and flew a couple of flights in an RB-69. The aircraft has special low level terrain following radar in the nose. This aircraft was used in early training for pilots that were eventually assigned to VAH-21 flying the AP-2 in Vietnam. The aircraft had dual english and chinese crew station safety instructions and the rear crew access hatch had a set of lights that were for - standby - ready - jump. I guess these were for parachute jumpers. I have read that the RB-69 were CIA aircraft in Air Force markings.
11/19/2008 @ 14:10 [ref: 23106]
 Hsing Jen
 , IL
I also found info at this website. The write up about missions over China seems accurate.

10/29/2007 @ 14:34 [ref: 18346]
 Hsing Jen
 , IL
My dad flew on these aircraft as electronic counter measure officer back in the 60's.
10/29/2007 @ 14:18 [ref: 18345]
 Stephen Hsu
 , GA
Chinese Air Force (TAIWAN) records showed 4 of RB-69A was shot down by People's Rep. of China during 1961-1964 under CIA operations.
06/26/2007 @ 18:29 [ref: 16949]
 Walt Wade
 , CA
Your data lists the RB-69 as starting service in 1924. Somehow, that seems a little early. Did you mean 1944 or 1954?
04/07/2007 @ 18:46 [ref: 16127]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
During the 1960's the USAF obtained seven P2V-7 Neptunes which they designated the RB-69. It is not clear if these A/C were procured directly from Lockheed or were tranferred from the USN. The USAF usage is quite clouded and from what I have read is that they were used in somewhat of a clandestine nature. Looking for feedback from anyone with more information.
03/29/2006 @ 08:21 [ref: 12965]


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