Lockheed YO-3 'Q-Star'

  Base model:O-3
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Observation

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Known serial numbers
69-14000 / 69-14001, 69-18000 / 69-18013

Examples of this type may be found at
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama

YO-3 on display

Pima Air & Space Museum

United States Army Aviation Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Peter McCook
 , FL
The Hiller Air Museum in San Carlos Calif has a YO-3A hanging from the rafters. Great display!
10/30/2008 @ 09:01 [ref: 22949]
 Michael R Pass
 Deary, ID
I was station at Bihn Thuy, AFB. Myself and three others had the time to get in over 100 mission in the yo-3a. I really enjoyed flying as an observer in the YO-3A.
The begining stages of stealth aircraft!

The Quite Aicraft Assc. will be having a reunion in Branson, MO.
The dates 7,8,9 November 2008. Hope to see you there.
04/02/2008 @ 17:04 [ref: 20321]
 David Hatcher
 Enterprise, AL
Caught "outside" at Guthrie Field, Fort Rucker Alabama.
It is in non display storage.

11/30/2007 @ 17:30 [ref: 18740]
 Glen Douglass
 Burlington, WA
YO-3A # 18005 has been parked in the open at Skagit Regional Airport, Burlington, Washington for at least 15 years. Tires are flat, fabric in bad shape. It is a tough old bird but is slowly rotting away in the wet Pacific Northwest climate. Who acquires a treasure like this and proceeds to slowly kill it off? A tragedy.
05/15/2007 @ 18:24 [ref: 16494]
 Dale Ross Stith
 , TX
YO-3A serial numbers are 69-18000 through 69-18010.

I will search for 69-14000 and 69-14001 Tail Numbers on the chance they might have been assigned to the QT-2PC Prize Crew Aircraft at one time.

YO-3As were not described as Quiet-Stars in the early days. Our Q-Star was a different aircraft (see quietaircraft.org)
08/29/2006 @ 12:38 [ref: 14025]
 Dave Heikkila
 , MN
I served in the 56th Trans Co from Dec 69 to Feb 72. I remember our guys being really surprized by that strange bird buzzing quietly around the Nam landscape during the night. You couldn't hear the bird until it was nearly on top of you. Was really an interesting machine to see flittering over you, if you were lucky enough to heard it at all.
01/06/2006 @ 09:04 [ref: 12093]
 Kurt Olney
 , CA
I was the 1st crewchief on YO-3A 69-18007. 13 YO-3As were built. The designation "Quiet Star" was given to the aircraft sometime after their 70-71 duty in Vietnam. The Aircraft: 18000 is in the permanent Army Collection FT. Rucker. 18001 belongs to Bruce Elliott and is on display at the Hiller Museum. 18002 crash landed Vietnam (No injuries or fatalities.) 18003: belongs to a former YO-3A pilot in Florida and is in storage. 18004: Crashed in Vietnam and killed both crewmen. 18005: Parked at Skagitt Airport, Washington. 18006: is at the Pima Air and Space Museum, Arizona. 18007 Is at Cable Airport Upland California with the CAF 3rd Pursuit Squadron and is in the process of being restored to flight status. 18008: crashed in Vietnam-pilot and observer survived. 18009: Crashed before deployment to Vietnam--Pilot injured. 18010:Belongs to NASA and is still flying. Currently located at Moffett Field, CA. For more detailed information on the aircraft go to WWW.YO-3A.COM
10/29/2005 @ 22:14 [ref: 11607]
 Brian Weekley
 , AK
I taught aircraft identification for a time in the US Army during the early eighties. I rememeber the YO-3 from the profile books and slide show.In 1997, I saw a white one in a crate at the Pima air museum in Arizona, waiting for restoration. Very intersting aircraft. I believe it was developed from a schweizer glider.
12/20/2004 @ 17:12 [ref: 8920]
 johnny shumake
 winnfield, LA
Ssgt.Rollins and I carried the last 4 from long thanh north(56th trans. co.) to saigon in late sept.71
11/24/2004 @ 00:41 [ref: 8697]
 Kurt Olney
 , CA
I was crew chief on yo-3a 70-71. Our group now has a webpage with lots of pictures and history of the yo-3a www.yo-3a.com
07/03/2004 @ 02:36 [ref: 7738]


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