McCulloch J-2

  Base model:J-2
  Basic role:Gyro/Autogyro

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 B. Steiner
 , WA
I'm restoring s/n 089. Controlex cables are in rough shape. has anyone gotten field approval for a different cable?

03/01/2015 @ 05:16 [ref: 68961]
 Charles Kelly
 Bushnell, FL
For sale Mcculloch J2 98 hrs TTSN,engine 0sovh by Don George in Orlando,Prop 0 sovh by Sensenich,rotor system disasembeled inspected and re greased,all new hoses,tires, brakes and battery.Com,intercom,transponder.33,000 dollars US with fresh annual. Charles Kelly 352-603-1148 cdkell65719@embarqmail.com
03/30/2012 @ 11:38 [ref: 54573]
 , CA
I just found some stock options that my dad purchased for me in 1971 for McCulloch aircraft corp. Is there anyone out there that can give me info on if the stock is still worth anything. Northrup purchased the company in the early 70's or 80's but unclear if these stocks transfered...

Any information anyone can share would be appreciated.


09/19/2011 @ 19:03 [ref: 49131]
 Johnny G
 SD County, CA
I am in process of restoring a running J2. Searching for wing tanks,roter head,prop.Thanks
09/27/2010 @ 08:17 [ref: 30621]
 Pat Daly
 , AK
Irene Kratxer et.al,
I also have a stock certificate my dad bought in, I think '68--did you ever find anything about that, or aero research?
06/29/2010 @ 07:28 [ref: 26742]
 George Edmundson
 Hood River, OR
I have a J-2 that I would be willing to sell. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at this e-mail address. I also have many parts. This is not a project it is a flying machine.
Thanks, George
07/14/2009 @ 18:08 [ref: 24298]
 Ron Kash
 Mansfield, OH
I have a J-2 that I bought in CA several years ago. The blades and engine are missing. Anyone know if hughes 269 blades will fit? Anyone know someone that has J-2 blades for sale? ronkash@yahoo.com
12/30/2008 @ 04:10 [ref: 23377]
 Irene Kratzer
 , CA
I hold stock certificate for shares of McCulloch Aircraft Corporation purchased in 1971.....do they have any value and how do I go about finding out this information.
10/11/2008 @ 08:22 [ref: 22827]
 Russell B. Turner
 Centerville, GA
The assets of the McCullough J2 operation were, I believed, transferred to a company called Aero Resources in Garden City, California or somewhere in California.I am beginning to research the aircraft since I have an interest in seeing this aircraft back in production. I would appreciate meeting like minded persons and anyone who owns and flys the aircraft regularly. Each one I have found in sthe past had little time on the engine but was over 20 years and was being marketed as if the engine were a new one. I would like to find one or more that are being marketed realistically for use not for collecting or holding for possible appreciation. I am also interested in hearing from pilots using the newer Xenon gyroplane import. Send information by email to tap1940@cox.net or by mail to the Perry, Georgia (PXE) airport for my attention. Thanks, Brad Turner
09/14/2008 @ 06:53 [ref: 22680]
 Tom Lease
 Dallas, TX
I know there is a J2 owner that will be very happy to read this, just need to find him/her! I have a brand new J2 spin up transmission made by Hughes aircraft. It is in the heavy bag and in the woodedn box made by Hughes Aircraft. I got it when I bought a Hughes 269, and thought I might get a J2 in the future, and knew it would be valuable to have because it was a needed componant that cound not be found. We are having a baby next month and have developed some complications that are giving us additional expenses. Therefore, future toy ideas have to go for now. If you are interested in this and either need it now, or are smart enough to realize it is a much need spare to keep your J2 running, give me a call or e-mail me. Tom Lease - 214-694-8405, pizzatomchicago@yahoo.com
08/04/2008 @ 10:26 [ref: 22352]


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