McDonnell-Douglas C-17A 'Globemaster III'

Notes: INTER- and intratheater OUTSIZE-CARGO, stol transport capable of operating from small austere airfields. Equipped with conventional airdrop and low altitude parachute extraction system (LAPES) .
  Base model:C-17
  Nickname:Globemaster III
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Transport

  Length: 174' 53.0 m
  Height:5' 1" 1.5 m
  Wingspan: 170' 51.8 m
  Wingarea: 3,800.0 sq ft 353.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 27,700 lb 12,562 kg
  Max Weight: 580,000 lb263,038 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100
  Thrust (each):41,700 lb18,911 kg

  Range: 3,225 miles 5,193 km
  Max Speed: 518 mph 834 km/h 450 kt
  Ceiling: 45,000 ft 13,715 m

Known serial numbers
88-0265 / 88-0266, 89-1189 / 89-1192, 90-0532 / 90-0535, 92-3291 / 92-3294, 93-0599 / 93-0604, 94-0065 / 94-0070 , 96-0001 / 96-0008


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 McChord AFB, WA
We have P-1 (0265) at McChord AFB now. I worked the same aircraft when I was stationed at Edwards in the early 90's.
10/04/2010 @ 11:11 [ref: 31100]
 Bob West
 , CA
Hey Steve: Yeah I have a few trips on the little trolley under the cargo deck. I was an inpsector on T-1 and did overstress inspections under there. And the ladder inside the vertical Stab? Oh yeah hated that one I did. Smash my knees on the rungs because my legs were too long for the distance between the rungs. The last time I saw T-1 she shed the candy-cane boom and the orange cone and now is painted all grey. As for the urinator I don't know. Ahh the memories Huh?
04/28/2009 @ 09:27 [ref: 24131]
 Steve Taylor
 El Segundo, CA
T-1(80025) and P-1 (80265) were the first two production aircraft off the line... strictly for flight test purposes at EAFB.T-2 was for Static test(Destruction). I worked on these aircraft when they were in barrel sections back in 89..i fabricated and routed all the orange test wire you see in these A/C..along with routine maintenance and avionics systems troubleshooting...i Knew these aircraft like the back of my hand..(does anyone know of the little maintenance trolley underneath the cargo-deck?, its fun for a little ride if your board). I also installed the spin shut system... including arming of the explosive charges or squibs on all missions for T-1. Anyone know if T-1 still has this system installed?..its tail cone would still be missing. I was sent to Edwards to recover T-1 on it maiden flight from long beach, so i missed the first launch. When it arrived i discovered damage to all the leading edges around the pylons...they all had dimpled indentations, (and indication of just how powerful the reverse thrust was), this engine not only has the usual thrust reversers, but in addition has core reversers as well. After this incident we had to put aluminum doubler patches on these leading edge areas. If you see some of the older pics you might still see these in place. We always had trouble with getting the front door opened and closed...(Way over-Engineered... they should have stuck to the design of the YC-15).On First arrival we had tied a rope to it to let it down and pull it back up. Other than these "minor" problems this aircraft kicked ass! It was way over powered and the test pilots told me that it handles like a fighter plane. It was also fun to climb the tail ladder at night up to the top of the T-tail, open the gull-wing doors and just enjoy the night time view of the desert stars.I tested T-1 and P-1 for 5 years and enjoyed every single minute of it... Now for any load-masters i ask a question...i was told to install a small video monitor so extraction could be monitored direct from the loadmaster station, from a small camera mounted on the aft cargo door frame; this system was to be evaluated only.. but are they in use today? Oh and i was also on board when the first Abrams tank was loaded ass-end first, and made a mistake of being in the cockpit when they were doing this...i didn't realize just how hot the exhaust was from one of this suckers...about 400 degrees. After extensive testing, i'd say the government got their moneys worth. I'm very proud that i had a part of the C-17 history.
P.S. did they ever install a normal toilet system? they had a half-ass one installed behind the aft left side jump door...it consisted of a SMALL "bashful" wall and a pot to piss in.
04/25/2009 @ 17:22 [ref: 24123]
 , NC
In response to tim wilson.The nose art was Pegasus, painted in yellow and gray.Chief Scansen was the best at what he did.Alot of man hours were put into airframe 1190.
11/17/2008 @ 07:06 [ref: 23085]
 Jeri Teal
 , VA
I am trying to find some videos of the C-17 taking off and landing that can be emailed to me so that I can download them. Thanks
07/09/2008 @ 07:29 [ref: 21807]
 , GA
Wow what is that airplane made out of? I see you have an empty weight of 27,700 lbs listed, that's lighter than a c-130.
06/09/2008 @ 09:03 [ref: 21212]
 Kevin Hall
 Manchester / Lancashire, OTH
Please have a Look at my C-17 Website,and Sign the Guessbook if you wish



10/11/2007 @ 02:53 [ref: 18158]
 Henry van de Graaf
 Dallas, TX
My contact info: hcvdg@hotmail.com
06/28/2007 @ 14:41 [ref: 16965]
 Henry van de Graaf
 Dallas, TX
I was aboard the first flight of the C-17 (Flight Test Engineer). Great aircraft! Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
06/28/2007 @ 14:38 [ref: 16964]
 Timothy M.Neyers
 Lawton, OK
I think the C-17 aircraft is a great cargo jet. Now I will say this I love the C-5 Galaxy my father has worked on it for over 20 years and I just hope that Lockheed Martin is able to put new technology inside the C-5 to better the aircraft because I agree it is getting old but I just hope that Lockheed is able to fixe the aircraft so that it can last as they hope to till 2040. om the other hand the C-17 has done a wonderful job in takeing stress off the C-5 because I know the C-17 can hold alot of what the C-5 can hold but it dont hold as much. I know the C-5 can carry 2
M-1 battle tanks but the C-17 can hold one and that is good. I just think back when they had the C-141 I think the C-141 put alot of stress on the C-5 because there was alot of Cargo the C-5 and C-17 can hold that the C-141 can not hold so back when they didnt have the C-17 all the could use was the C-5 for like the M-1 Battle tank. I just feel that if we never able to get a aircraft like the C-17 I think the C-5 would be falling apart. so I think the C-17 has done a great Job in reducing stress of the use of the
C-5 but I also believe there is cargo out there that the C-5 can hold that the C-17 is not able so I think it is important that since we have the C-17 and the things it can carry I think it is time to modernize the C-5 and that once it is done the C-5 main mission should be to haul whatever the C-17 cant hold like that big Navy swift Boat that the Navy seals use and I know that the Navy has alot of Cargo that the C-17 is not able to hold so we need to hold on to the C-5 so that if we have a piece a cargo the C-17 cant hold well we have the C-5 if it dont hold it I dont know then I guess put it on a navy ship which would take days to get there. so the C-5 and C-17 are better partners in the sky then the C-141 and the C-5 and I am happy to see the
C-17 and I am glade we have it. so to say like what alot of people have told me. People say the C-17 can replace the C-5 I wont say whole fleet I will say it takes alot of stress off the C-5 and to say that the C-5 is junk well I disagree I think the C-141 is a piece of Junk and it was trying to make the C-5 a piece of Junk but thanks to the C-17 the C-5 is on a better track now because it is not needed as much since the C-17 can hold like the M-1 tank and things like that and the Black hawk helicopter can the C-141 do that no it is a piece of Junk it good maybe for like passenger transport and maybe Medical transport hospital and maybe for airdrops but it is not even close to being like the C-5 and the C-17 so america has to Good cargo planes in service. God bless america for the C-5 and C-17 Timothy Neyers of Lawton Oklahoma
08/13/2005 @ 03:35 [ref: 10986]


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