McDonnell-Douglas F-4B 'Phantom II'

Notes: CARRIER-BASED, ALL-WEATHER fighter. Carries missiles and special stores (2 CREW) .

  Base model:F-4
  Nickname:Phantom II
  Equivalent to: F4H-1 F4H1F4H-1
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  See Also:

  Length: 58' 3" 17.7 m
  Height:16' 3" 4.9 m
  Wingspan: 38' 4" 11.6 m
  Wingarea: 530.0 sq ft 49.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 27,897 lb 12,651 kg
  Gross Weight: 43,907 lb 19,912 kg
  Max Weight: 54,600 lb 24,761 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-8 (A/B 17,000Lb/7,711Kg)
  Thrust (each):10,800 lb 4,943 kg

  Range: 1,610 miles 2,592 km
  Cruise Speed: 575 mph 925 km/h 500 kt
  Max Speed: 1,485 mph 2,391 km/h 1,292 kt
  Climb: 40,800 ft/min12,435 m/min
  Ceiling: 62,000 ft 18,897 m

Known serial numbers
62-12170 / 62-12196, 152207 / 152331, 152965 / 153070, 153912 / 153915, 153916 / 153950

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Victory MuseumMedfordNew Jersey
Aviation Heritage ParkNAS OceanaVirginia
Heritage In Flight MuseumLincolnIllinois
MCAS El Toro Historical FoundationIrvineCalifornia
National Warplane MuseumGeneseoNew York
Patuxent River Naval Air MuseumPatuxent RiverMaryland
USAF History and Traditions MuseumSan AntonioTexas
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

F-4B on display

Air Victory Museum

Aviation Heritage Park

Heritage In Flight Museum

MCAS El Toro Historical Foundation

National Warplane Museum

Naval Air Warfare Center

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

United States Air Force Museum

USAF History and Traditions Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Edward L. Marici
 Houston, TX
Members of VMFA 542 are planning our second reunion during August 3-5 2013 in Las Vegas. At our last get together we had over 15 attendees and would like to see more Tigers attend this year. Notify me at emarici@comcast.net for more info.
Semper Fi
03/11/2013 @ 13:48 [ref: 67661]
 Mike Licata
 San Jose, CA
Hi Guys,
For those of you who knew Ed Perry you might not have known of his passing. Ed was a long time member of the Asso.ciation of Old Crows and Member of Golden Gate Chapter of the AOC here in the SF Bay Area. He was insturmental in establishing one of the first, if not the first, chapter web site - www.goldengate.org. I am the immediate past president.

Here is the details of his passing:
Edmund Conant Perry
Apr 8, 1945-Sept 2, 2012
Resident of Mountain View
Edmund Conant Perry, 66, of Mountain View, California, died at El Camino Hospital Sunday, September 2, 2012 following an extended illness.
A native of New York State, he was the son of the late Edmund Hallie Perry and Elizabeth Dorothy Conant Perry, and the brother of the late Lawrence Barron Perry.
He served two tours in the United States Marine Corps in HMM-164 in Vietnam, proceeded to graduate Summa Cum Laude from UConn, and then attended Stanford as a National Science Foundation fellow studying cognitive pyschology as a graduate student. He then went on to work for Dalmo Victor, started his own company, I3C, and from there went to work for many years at Aurora Networks.
A memorial service will be held at Spangler Mortuary in Los Altos on Sunday, September 9, 2012 from 10:00 am until 11:30 am.
Interment will be at Skylawn Memorial Park immediately after the service.
He is survived by his wife, Adrienne Carole Edwards Perry of Mountain View; one daughter, Tanya Veryan Perry Achermann of Mountain View, one granddaughter, Cassandra Courtenay
12/02/2012 @ 13:49 [ref: 67369]
 James Miller
 Weslaco, TX
I was a Airborne Radar Technician on the USS Constellation CVA-64 during the 1964 WesPac deployment. I worked on APQ-72 pulse radar and APA-157 CW Radar on VF-142 F4B Phantom IIs.
11/07/2011 @ 14:34 [ref: 50027]
 John Waddell
 Mint Hill, NC
Sgt. John T Waddell at Chu Lai from oct '66 to Oct. '67, First month in Sept. was Iwakuni, mess duty, an since I was late almost every day, I wound up doing everything in the mess hall. Late nights drinking in Kintia (sic spelling not my strong suit). I was Ordnance with Vmfa542 at Chu Lai samr time as Ed Perry and Smitty, good friends that I haven't seen since discharge.

I have contact with a VMFA 542 group that has a planned reunion mid July in Las Vegas, if anyone is interest shoot an email and I will send the infor. Have good day, Semper Fi.

03/14/2011 @ 16:55 [ref: 36854]
 Jack Riely
 Lake St. Louis, MO
I was a RIO in 542 from 9/67 through 9/68 and was proud to fly with some of the best "sticks" in the Corps. Serving in billets of Ordnance Officer and Avionics Officer, I had the pleasure of meeting some of most dedicated and experienced Enl, NCOs and Staff in the Wing. GO TIGERS. Would like to make contact with some of you. Semper Fi!
04/02/2010 @ 20:00 [ref: 25970]
 Dale Hargadine
 Stevenson, WA
I served With SSgt. Edmund C Perry in VMFA 542 at Chu Lai RVN. Ariving there Christmas day 1966 and went with 542 to Iwakini, and with Corpral "Smitty" Smith were the other guys on SSgt Perry's Missle(anious)crew. I also recall our attempt to get two birds up with the full compliment of air to air armorment. Four Sidwinders and four fuselage mounted Sparrows each to cover for thr Puebleo. Great leadership Ed!
03/01/2009 @ 12:21 [ref: 23850]
 Lloyd Gaumer (Butch)
 Mt Vernon, OH
Served with MAG 13 Chu Lai S Viet Nam Aug. 1 1967 to Aug 20, 1968. W/never forget the sound and sight of those twin J 79'S One after another day & night going North, truly a sound of Freedom.. Some of the squadrons worked with VMFA 323/115/314/542/312/251. Semper Fi to any one who remembers th dual seat F 9's 0f MAG 13 the last of which was shot down Christmas day 1967.
01/24/2009 @ 18:26 [ref: 23547]
 jim myers ret.AE1
 harbor springs, MI
worked in the ae shops of VF'S 121,213,and171.greatly enjoyed working on the F-4.fuel quainity systems were a nightmare!
11/14/2008 @ 06:58 [ref: 23065]
 Romeo Bacod
 , AK
I was a bubble chaser with The Sundowner VF-111 aboard the
Coral Sea CV-43,1974-75,during the final days of the Vietnam war Operations Eagle Pull And Frequent Wind and
shortly after that, The Mechant ship Mayaguez incident. We
were a few days away from Perth, Australia when Pres. Ford
ordered Carrier Group to turn around and kick some asses
in Cambodia. That was a looong time ago. God Bless America!
09/21/2008 @ 11:26 [ref: 22710]
 Edmund Perry
 Mountain View, CA
I served active duty in the Marines from 65-69 (and active reserves to 73), and was NCOIC of the missile shop (part of the ordnance shop) for VMFA-542 when we were stationed at Chu Lai (where I joined in Dec 66 and stayed with them through our deployment to Iwakuni in Jan 68). (Prior to that was in VMFA-531 at Cherry Point.) Perhaps as interesting as anything that happened at Chu Lai was our role (or aborted role) during the capture of the USS Pueblo by North Korea. We had only recently arrived at Iwakuni (maybe a few days) when word came down that our help would be appreciated if we could launch air cover in an attempt to prevent the Pueblo from being escorted into N. Korean waters - but ONLY if we could guarantee full working loads of four each Sparrows (AIM-7s) and Sidewinders (AIM-9Bs) on each of 2 a/c. I managed to get all stations working with good birds with one exception... No matter what we tried (swapping missiles, swapping rails, even swapping wing pylons) there was one Sidewinder station that wouldn't provide any tone with the "flashlight-in-the-head" test. The McDonnell-Douglas rep was down on his knees with me poring through the F-4 wiring diagrams trying to determine the cause. We finally tracked it down to a fuse for the ICS audio that lived in a fuse box that could only be reached by pulling the RIO seat. No one had EVER seen that one before. By the time we got everything good to go, we were informed that it was too late and that we should stand down.

08/17/2008 @ 18:11 [ref: 22481]


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