McDonnell-Douglas F-4G 'PHANTOM II'

Notes: F-4E modified to wild weasel configuration for defense suppression mission.
  Base model:F-4
  Nickname:PHANTOM II
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
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Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

F-4G on display

United States Air Force Museum


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 Mark Johnson
I almost forgot...If anyone who might have been stationed with me would like to keep in touch, here is my email address. mjohnsondad@gmail.com
11/30/2013 @ 03:29 [ref: 68198]
 Mark Johnson
Wow, I remember those days. The F-4 was like the girlfriend you would argue with but couldn't wait to see the next day. I never lost that feeling of accomplishment when I would watch her take to the sky and light up that A/B.
As a new "JEEP" she kicked my but day after day until I gradually learned her nuances. She was an excellent aircraft to cut your teeth on as a mechanic. You would definitely earn your bones.
I was stationed at George AFB from 81' to 86'. Then I went over the big pond to Soesterberg AB, Netherland to work on the F-15C/D, Another McDonnell Douglas creation. The experience I gained working on the F-4 prepared me well for my tenure on the F-15.
Hello to all my fellow Weasel Keepers and keep aiming high. Air Force!
11/30/2013 @ 03:24 [ref: 68197]
 Darrell (Smokey) Summerville
 , AR
I came from PanCanal after IG there to George, helped prep CRS for that IG. The CO for Acft Maint IG was my old CO from PanCanal. Go figure?
10/22/2012 @ 17:22 [ref: 67330]
 John Siordia
 Las Vegas, NV
I was the first Wild Weasel Crew CHief at Spangdahlem back in the late 70's. Man what a beast! Being in the best meant a lot to all us. The softball games, the partying, the chem suits and alerts and the best friends ever. I remember Stu Woods, Bernie Bernheisel, Johnny Blackman and all the other great pilots we had. Went on to the 561st at George, Osan with the RF4C'S det from Kadena, F15s at Soosterberg, 16's at Kunsan, then back on RF4's at Taegu, F15s at Langley,Kadena, Eglin then worked in Saudia on S models,to more contract work on A10s,15's. Was at a air show here at Nellis and saw a E model that was the first I ever worked on. Man, to hear those J79s growl to life, taxi out, bang those burners...well to those of you who have never tasted hydraulic fluid, busted butt on a hot brake stack, you will never know what it felt like. A toast goes out to all who flew and maintained F4's. YGBSM!
03/20/2012 @ 06:01 [ref: 54359]
 paul r
 , VA
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10/29/2010 @ 07:17 [ref: 32592]
 James Glover
 Columbia, SC
I was stationed at George from 81 to 85 B flight 562nd AMU. I was Crew chief on 7268, 7254,and 7263. I spent part of my time on TAWCS jets. The most difficult and most rewarding aircraft I worked on in my Air Force career. Every new maintenance person should have to work F-4s for a year before moving on. Feel free to email me with any questions.
05/15/2010 @ 14:33 [ref: 26173]
 john ingham
 Sumter, SC
Even tho I never did get the opportunity to crew a " G " model I did as a crew chief work on the " D " , " E " , and the RF-4C. While stationed at Shaw we deployed to Saudi Arabia to relieve the Idaho guard unit that up and to our arrival was flying the wild weezel mission. I was lucky enough to see the F-4 fly its last combat mission. I can say without doubt even though by that time I had been crewing F-16's for a few years was really sad to see this old bird fly its last mission. The F-4 no matter what its configuration served this country well and will in one way or another be missed by all that maintained and flew it.
04/23/2010 @ 14:07 [ref: 26071]
 Paul Dittrich
 , CA
Ian O'connell is correct. The aircraft in the sunset picture is not a "G" model, but an "S" model. Notice the aircraft has leading edge slats, two pitot tubes on tail, the old style centerline tank and DCM fairings on the intake(although they can barely be made out). Great site!
03/23/2010 @ 06:50 [ref: 25912]
 Terry Martin
 Ridgeway, VA
I was stationed at George AFB from April 1980-December 1982 with the 562nd squadron.I was crew chief on acft 69-7289.Like a lot of weasel keepers,I put in a lot of long hours on this great plane.If anyone would like to contact me ,my email is recce250@hotmail.com.
02/15/2010 @ 08:48 [ref: 25724]
 Bryan Stewart
 Las Vegas, NV
I was at George AFB from 1982 - 1987, assinged to 563rd phase docks for a year then went to the 561st and assinged as the DCC on F-4g 7301. Loved the airplane and the job but could have done without the base. That aircraft was a beast that could be beat up, over "G-ed" and still come back for more. Was out in Saudi during Desert Storm with another unit and used to watch the Weasel's elephant walk by all dolled up for war. They were a bad looking girl with bombs, missles and extra fuel. Boy after leaving them and going to A-10's I was spoiled.

Bryan Stewart, Tsgt Ret.

Weasel Keeper Forever
01/09/2010 @ 20:51 [ref: 25543]


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