McDonnell-Douglas NF-4E 'Phantom II'

Notes: Extensively modified F-4E for test programs at the af flight test center.
  Base model:F-4
  Nickname:Phantom II
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  Status:Special Test (Permanent)
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Recent comments by our visitors
 Bob W
 , FL
We had 2 of them at Seymour Johnson in the mid 70's. I crewed 66-0377, she was a hard wing trainer. Pilots used it and a one of her sister ships, 66-0319 I think, to stay proficient on the BLC version of the F-4E. All of the other F-4Es at SJ, at that time, were soft wings, meaning they had leading edge slats, with TISEO. She was easy to hear. Configured with no weapons pylons and clean as a whistle, she made a distinctive sound when she was in the local flying pattern. I would go to lunch after I launched her, then waited at the chow hall until I heard her make her first low approach over the runway. I'd leave the chow hall and make it back to the ramp before she landed. She held the record for total FMC flights at SJ, 37 straight. I only had to change tires on her every 15 flights. That was because she carried no weight.
10/06/2009 @ 04:54 [ref: 25152]
 Bill Wood
 Marysville, WA
I crewed the F4's at Edwards from 85-late 87, and all of the old thunderbirds were there. They still had the smoke nozzles installed as well.
02/10/2004 @ 11:33 [ref: 6761]
 TSgt Jay Case USAF RET
 Concord, OH
Ths NF-4E was at Edwards AFB from the mid to late 70" until 1991 when I helped send her to her current location. It was involved with the flight test programs at the Base during that time.
01/12/2003 @ 14:55 [ref: 6260]
 Michael E. Jacobssen
 Benbrook, TX
The NF-4E that you see pictured here, 66-0329, was one of our former planes. We are presently researching the position(s) that she served in while on the Team from 1969-1973. She was definitely one of ours.

Mike 'Jake' Jacobssen
Crew Chief
USAF Thunderbirds

02/25/2002 @ 12:03 [ref: 4399]