McDonnell F3H-2 (F-3B) 'Demon'

  Base model:F3H
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1922-1962
  Basic role:Fighter
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  Length: 58' 11" 17.9 m
  Height:14' 7" 4.4 m
  Wingspan: 35' 4" 10.7 m
  Empty Weight: 22,133 lb 10,037 kg
  Gross Weight: 33,899 lb 15,374 kg
  Max Weight: 33,900 lb 15,374 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Allison J71-A-2E turbojet
  Thrust (each): 9,700 lb 4,399 kg

  Range: 1,370 miles 2,206 km
  Max Speed: 647 mph 1,041 km/h 562 kt
  Climb: 12,000 ft/min 3,657 m/min
  Ceiling: 42,650 ft 12,999 m


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 robert morris
 Arnold, MD
how many f3h demons survive?
04/18/2011 @ 18:22 [ref: 37524]
 Lancaster, CA
to Lyle Edmonds AM1/c Woodburn, OR
I was going to AT (A) School at NATTC Memphis, remember pulling security watches on those blue F3H-1Ns...
I have a few photos of F7U-1 and F7U-3 from there...
03/23/2011 @ 12:07 [ref: 37016]
 jd southwell
 beardstown, IL
help faze out the last f3 of VF213 as they where trans toF4 this was in 63-64. fresh out of a/school. had to rebuild/leak test/runup/preserve and can the 71's. Then on to the j-79's. was working on an engine when they came in and said the President had been shot. Remenber well.
12/27/2007 @ 12:15 [ref: 19062]
 Lyle Edmonds AM1/c
 Woodburn, OR
I was in B school in Memphis Naval School at Millington
Tenn. We had training on the F3H due to the first ones
not being able to fly.
Then I was assigned to VF-193 The Blue Tail Fly
As stated in the Cruise Book Into The Wind.
Out of Moffett Field Calif.
We were on the Bon HommeRichards on my first cruise after
completing B School in Airframes and Hydraulics.
We love the Planes except for hard landings Which took
3 Jacks to lift and check the gear.
My Grand son has fun modeling the planes and Carriers.
We had a canted Deck on the Bonnie Dick in 1958 his
model has a straight deck. When did this take place.?
09/10/2007 @ 16:26 [ref: 17888]
 don lewis
 mathis, TX
The old demon was the first jet i ever had the opportunity to work on. was transferred to vf 121 in 1961, went to B school when i re-enlisted and then got orders to vf 54 (later was renamed back to vf 92). upon completion of that sea duty tour was railroaded back to vf 121 for a second sentance. i really hated to be in tail hooks but i knew the old demon well.
02/02/2007 @ 03:06 [ref: 15380]
 Tom Rogers
 Concord, NC
Was in VF-92 1958-1959 before going to VX-4.Made cruise w/Banshees, and saw VF-92 transition to Demons. I liked working on Demons, my first bird as a mech and Demon Doctor. Got lots of time with Demons in VX-4 as well as the "Fords" F4D-Skyray and was on the Carrier Acceptability team for the F8U-2N, Then the first Phantoms in the Pacific at VX-4. Lots of aircraft to work on ,but the Demon and that freight train of an engine the J-71. Fond memories of VF-92 and VX-4.
09/04/2006 @ 13:31 [ref: 14072]
 J.D. Blair
 Virginia Beach, VA
The Demon was my first aircraft, VF-92 Silverkings, USS Ranger and VF-193 Ghostriders, USS Bon Homme Richard. It took good mechanics to keep this bird in the sky, but we were up to the challenge.
There is a photo on the USS Bon Homme Richard web site of four Demons over Japan in 1962, they were from "Pappy" Jack Bent's straight arrows.
Was a sad day in 1963 when we transferred the last ones before transitioning to the F4H-1, Kind'a like losin' an old friend.

08/05/2000 @ 20:42 [ref: 572]


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