McDonnell YRF-110A (YRF-4C) 'Phantom II'

  Base model:F-110
  Nickname:Phantom II
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance
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  Length: 62' 10' 18.9 m
  Height:16' 6" 5.0 m
  Wingspan: 38' 5" 11.7 m
  Wingarea: 530.0 sq ft 49.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 28,276 lb 12,823 kg
  Gross Weight: 50,341 lb 22,830 kg
  Max Weight: 58,000 lb 26,303 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-15 (A/B 17,000Lb/7,711Kg)
  Thrust (each):10,900 lb 4,944 kg

  Range: 1,375 miles 2,214 km
  Cruise Speed: 587 mph 945 km/h 510 kt
  Max Speed: 1,459 mph 2,349 km/h 1,269 kt
  Climb: 48,300 ft/min14,721 m/min
  Ceiling: 59,400 ft 18,104 m


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06/23/2012 @ 15:28 [ref: 61397]
 R. C. Raftery
 Bridgeton (St. Louis), MO
I was the project scheduler on the conversion of the F-4H (F-4B, or whatever designation the Navy used at that time) to the YRF-4C configuration. At about this time Defense Secretary McNamara issued the edict that the Navy, Air Force and Marines would use one aircraft for all services, thus making all versions of the McDonnell Aircraft designation as F or RF-4.

The selected aircraft for conversion was removed from the final assembly production line and moved to a flight hanger. There the nose of the aircraft was removed at Bulkhead 77 (beneath the windshield). A new nose was assembled in a jig, and was spliced to the aircraft. The nose held a number of cameras, and other sensors including side looking radar. The aircraft was completely rewired to accommodate the sensors.

The first YRF-4C - SN 12200 - flew on August 9, 1963 - 23 days ahead of schedule.

Another second Navy aircraft was also converted to the complete YRF-4C configuration. A third Navy aircraft, at that time in flight test for other systems, was modified to accommodate specific reconnaissance equipment for flight testing.

The successful fight testing of the three aircraft led to the production of the RF-4C for the Air Force and the RF-4B for the Marines.

06/18/2007 @ 12:52 [ref: 16875]
 Guy E. Franklin
 Deatsville, AL
On 1960 February 5th the air force as for the tactical combat aircraft which plans as the successor aircraft of F-100 and F-105 development started in 1962 as F-111, but because those where that is commissioned are around 1966 connection became necessary to the fuselage of that, at that time was adopted by the navy and F4H which shows the preeminent high performance (F-4) the arrow of the white feather stood. Low pride such as the fact that the ship-board plane of the expectation which is efficiency is adopted did not permit from the land-based aircraft as an air force and thought and it was the serving thing which it has, but in the cost performance supreme principle person and Robert [makunamara] Defense Secretary F4H-1F coercively could push from 1961 August reluctantly came to the point of doing performance evaluation. But the air force which is overwhelmed to the efficiency decided adoption as F-110A and RF-110A instantaneously, as for F4H-1/F4H-1P of the navy as for F-4B/RF-4B and F-110A/YRF-110A of the air force was renamed F-4C/RF-4C on 1968 September 18th by 3 troop standardized nominal methods.

@As for F-110A in order to strengthen attack ability, F4H-1 as a basis [abio] was modified, also BullPup became use possible, the rear cockpit controlling device became addition for liveness improvement at the time of attack duty with low altitude. Furthermore nuclear weapon load capacity, also the cartridge engine starter, the low pressure tire and the boom type oil supply device were adopted, but, these are adopted for also RF-4C. In addition ship-board plane peculiar strong and main wing folding mechanism are the equipment which is not the former land-based aircraft, but if it is, it was that way left with convenience.

@YRF-110A 2 machines the extraction [re], basically is the same fuselage as F4H-1P from on the production line of F4H-1P of the navy, but the fact that the above-mentioned repair is added and is not the Fire Control System is point of difference. 1, the machine 62-12200 loading the machine gun onto the reconnaissance camera accommodation space afterwards, became YF-4E, furthermore added Fly-By-Wire and the canard and CCV experimental aircraft ago.
01/05/2007 @ 10:30 [ref: 15109]


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