Messerschmitt Me-262A-1a/U1 'Schwalbe'

  Base model:Me 262
  Basic role:General Reconnaissance (Germany)

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Examples of this type may be found at
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia


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 Melbourne Victoria, OTH
Awesome 262 stuff everyone!, and a Great site!

From Stormbird262 Phil, on Flypast Historic forum and the Wix hangar, a tottally insane 262 freak from way downunda!

Cheer's all, Tally Ho!
08/31/2005 @ 22:29 [ref: 11134]
 Boyd Kidd
 Las Vegas, NV
Oh Forgot something
the picture of the aircraft you have for chino
is a photo of a Me-262A-1a/U4 with a 50mm BK-5 or 16 Cannon
mounted in the nose. The US had one of these after the war and crashed it either in Germany or in France.
Today, this aircraft doesnot exist other than in photos
as many of the Me-262s were one (1) of a kind pre-production test models.
12/05/2004 @ 19:05 [ref: 8794]
 Boyd Kidd
 Las Vegas, NV
The plane you have identified is a Me-262A-1a U1 which reflects a Me-262 Recon Aircraft which t my knowledge only one was built and that is not the aircraft that "was" at POF in Chino Ca.
The plane that was at, key word here "WAS" at POF Chino Ca
was originally manufactured as a Me-262A-1/U3 Photo Recon Aircraft. When it was brought to the US, after the War 45-46, Howard Hughes wanted to use it in the Bendix Air Races and modified the Airacraft, by removing the Nose, making it a straight Me-262A-1a (Fighter).
This aircraft was sold by Planes of Fame
to the VP of Microsoft, personal purchase
and I think is beng considered for resoration to the original manufactured condition? donot quote me on the latter!
But, the aircraft is up in Oregon now in a museum.
12/05/2004 @ 19:00 [ref: 8793]
 D Weilby
 Odessa, TX
I recently contacted the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, Ca. I was inquiring about doing some research on Marge. The response I got was somewhat disheartening. It said the the owner of Marge had sold it to someone and the Me 262 A1a/U3 (it was originally a photo recon, but they have the nose that belongs to the NASM 262) had been moved and they did not know where it had ended up.
If someone knows, please contact me.
10/22/2002 @ 15:26 [ref: 5929]
 Thomas Gernhuber
 Hannover, YT
Good Site !
But the picture is not a Recce Me 262, its a test version with a Mk 50 ( 50 mm Gun ) called Kanonenvogel ( GunBird )
04/19/2002 @ 13:04 [ref: 4752]
 Ralph M. Bohm
 Orono, ME
While driving truck during the 1980s, I had the opportunity to visit the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA.

Among all of the very nice aircraft there, I was astonished to discover in the corner of the hangar, a Messerschmidt 262.
Why would this be of interest to me? My uncle, (my mother's older brother), Ralf Langlotz, flew an ME 262 in Germany during the Nazi era, although acording to one of our few conversations, he said at the time that he never saw combat.

Now that I am off the road (from trucking), and back in college here in Maine, I am too far away to visit this museum. However, I am planning on a vacation during Christmas (2001) break and will fly out to Ontario. I will most certainly get over there and see this museum again.

Ralph M. Bohm
11/28/2001 @ 22:33 [ref: 3735]


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