Messerschmitt Me-262B-1a/U4 'Schwalbe'

  Base model:Me 262
  Basic role:Trainer / Utility Transport (Germany)

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Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Assoc.NAS Willow GrovePennsylvania

Me-262B-1a/U4 on display

NAS Willow Grove Air Park


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 Virginia Brooke
 , PA
This ME-262 "Vera" has been on display at The Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum since she was restored and returned to Willow Grove. Just last month she was dismantled and moved to the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL, where she was put on display almost immediately. Hopefully this is the last move of this beautiful aircraft, we would not want anything to happen to her. We were honored to have her in our backyard for 60+ years, and we will miss her terribly. She was viewed by tens of thousands of people and many of them left with the knowledge of what a special aircraft she was in the history of aviation.
11/06/2010 @ 14:17 [ref: 33008]
 Ed Zwicker
 , PA
This A/C is fully restored and in the WINGS OF FREEDOM museum at Willow Grove, PA. The host organization is the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association where I Volunteer weekly. You may contact me for any questions regarding this A/C. (note new email)
10/14/2006 @ 05:24 [ref: 14450]
 Boyd Kidd
 Las Vegas, NV
where did you get the "U4" part of the identification fo4r the Me-262B-1a/U4?
I would atleast outside of some good authority question this ID?
The U4 identifier reflects the installation of a 50mm Cannon in the nose......
while a U1, more commonly used here, reflects added weapons and electronics more commonly installed in Me-262B-1a
12/05/2004 @ 18:40 [ref: 8790]
 Ed Zwicker
 , PA
This aircraft has been returned to the custody of the DELAWARE VALLEY HISTORICAL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION and is currently housed in its own building at NAS WILLOW GROVE
09/12/2002 @ 17:29 [ref: 5680]
 Thomas E. Naugle
 Lawton, OK
"White 35" was transferred by Classic Fighter Industries to Texas for restoration and use in the CFI duplication effort. After a legal battle with Texas Aeroplane Factory, "White 35" was trasferred to CFI West in Everett, Washington in early 1999. "White 35" was then restored over the last 18mos and returned to the U.S. Navy to be displayed at Pensacola NAS, Florida.
For some current photos of "White 35" please go to www.stormbirds.com/classic.

Thomas E. Naugle
(Former CFI Volunteer)

07/10/2000 @ 13:30 [ref: 417]


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