Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 'Gustav'
  Base model:Bf-109
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)
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 Bucharest, OTH
The Bf109 G-6(and the G-2 & G-4)HAS serving in air forces of ROMANIA(also build in I.A.R. factories),Hungary,Bulgaria,Slovakia, Swiss,Italy,Spain and Croatia.Tom Currie thinks "that there was at least one Messerschmitt-vs-Messerschmitt battle".Of course there was.When Romania joined the war against Germany(after a long partenership whith her),the Romanian Messerschmitt's fought against the German 109's. If you are a"109" fan,please e-mail me at
11/25/2000 @ 03:11
 Tom Currie
 Knoxville, TN
Gustav was only the nickname for the G-series. The other marks had similar nicks: Emil, Franz, and the rare late-war Kurfurst. I don't know if B-D had names, though.

Ooh neat, the Gustav in the center w/blue swastika is a Finnish one! The Germans sold a few of them for the Finns' war against Russia, I think. I believe taht there was at least one Messerschmitt-vs-Messerschmitt battle, too.
10/03/2000 @ 21:48
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