Messerschmitt Bf-108 'Taifun'

  Base model:BF-108
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)


  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Argud As 10C
  Horsepower (each): 240


Examples of this type may be found at
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 Maryborough, VA
Hi Guys,

I'm not totally sure but if you check the wikipedia you will find that the 108 was orginally built in 1934 as a light tourist 2 seaterfor the german team taking part in the 1934 international air race challenge. It was a great success for the race coming in 5th with Theo Osterkamp at the controls, the RLM were inpressed enough to order 32. The production version was improved to 4 seater and had the new Argus As 10c engine, retractable undercarriage, adjustable prop and became known as the b version. This was followed by the military Bf 108B-2 for the luftewaffe in 1939 as a light liason aircraft, in 1941 this was relaced with the Bf108D version with the better Argus As 10R engine which included the automatically adjustable prop, some 626 military B-2 and D-1s being built in total After the war the french built a furthe 115 108\'s under the name of \"Nord 1000\". If you want more info email me and I will scan the document and send it to you.
07/08/2007 @ 00:55 [ref: 17036]
 Haaglanden, EU, OTH
Must say none of you has done your homework very well. Messerschmitt did build lots of aircraft for German use before Hitler came to power. Also did he NOT design the Bf 108 as a fighter but as a liaison for the Deutschlandflug, a yearly aerial tour of Germany on behalf of getting people into flying.

There were versions of the Bf 108 with an Argus engine.

The wing section was definitely not the same, just take a look at a picture of an 108 and a 109 and compare. The Bf 108 also had no armament and none was intended.

The French build versions after the war using French engines and with less window framing around the cockpit.
10/04/2002 @ 10:38 [ref: 5809]
 Dick Rooney
 , HI
Willy Messerschmitt wasn't building anything for sale in Germany when Hilter came to power. After he applied for an export permit for a Rumanian project, the Germans asked him to redo the design to conform to specifications for a German race plane intended for distance racing. The 108 was born as the 108A and then redesigned the next winter to the 108B. It was a successful racer. The Germans next "threw Willy a bone" by allowing him to compete for the new fighter being virtually certain that he couldn't compete with the big boys. The 109 was born using many features of the 108. The wing, the number and construction of the aft fuselage panels and stringers, tail, etc. The 108 then became the step up trainer to the 109 during the pre-war period until the Arado (their T-6) came along, and the 108 was assigned to air groups as a utility aircraft often hauling the generals around. During the war some 60% of production was accomplished in France. The French built some 275 units after the liberation of Paris for their own use. They served in the French Air Force for over 15 years attesting to their qualities given the general French distaste for anything German in those days.

Design was way ahead of its time as it was a 1933 all metal aircraft, fully flush riveted. Good as it was, its potential was never reached due to failure to build the engine for which the airframe was designed. All controls are solid rods systems with the only cable running the pitch trim. Delight to fly. I have owned one for twenty-two years and completely rebuilt it.
09/15/2002 @ 12:59 [ref: 5695]
 Bruce Smith
 York, PA
The Taifun may not have been a fighter, but it was the basis of the Me-109. Many of the components were similar, and the wing section was the same. It was a good acrobatic aircraft, capable of strenuous maneuvers. The 108 was the aircraft that Willy Messerschmidt designed to test his theories regarding fighter design. I've flown one. Wish I owned it.
08/17/2002 @ 21:18 [ref: 5498]
 Gordon Chastain
 Waldorf, MD
The Bf 108 Taifun was unarmed and could hardly be considered a fighter. It was primarily used in a liason or reconnaissance role and as a hack aircraft in many units.

06/13/2002 @ 22:38 [ref: 5103]
 Cap. J. L.. Smith
 Freeport, NY
Your listing of the Messerschmitt 108 Bf Taifun is incorrect. It was never inteded to be a fighter, it was designed and used as an utility aircraft. Also the Argus As 17 220 hp powerplant was only tested for use in that type. It was normally powered by an Hirth HM BU 250 np engine.

Variants were being produced in France until after WW II. There was also one operating in upstate New York until at leasy 1950.
02/02/2002 @ 14:14 [ref: 4238]


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