Messerschmitt Me-208

  Base model:Me 208
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)

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Examples of this type may be found at
Port of Tillamook BayTillamookOregon
Valiant Air Command MuseumTitusvilleFlorida

Me-208 on display

Port of Tillamook Bay

Valiant Air Command Museum


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 Curtis Taylor
 , FL
Seeing as I am a docent at the Valiant Air Command, I noticed that you have the captions reversed on the first two photos. The tan aircraft is ours, not the incomplete one.

Curtis Taylor
01/08/2015 @ 09:41 [ref: 68874]
 Mike Hawk
 leesburg florida, FL
Bet the performance all came from it being a water cooled engine, much less drag. Close my cowl flaps and my older 210 go 6 knots faster, can you imagine if I could close off the rest of the cooling to the cylinders and just have to cool a small radiator? Really looks kind of stogy to me, interesting but certainly not the best looking airplane out there. All the dihedral canít help! Look at horse power of P-51 compared to the radial engine counterparts, big difference but speed was similar.
09/15/2013 @ 08:43 [ref: 68063]
 Gilbert DeMichele
 DeLand, FL
The Me-208 was not a fighter, as stated previously, it was to be used as a trainer to teach pilots how to fly a nose wheel equipped airplane such as the Me-262 jet fighter. Prof. Messerschmitt had propeller designs on the drawing board, Me-309, that were equipped with a nose gear landing gear to counter act the bad landing habits of the narrow Messerschmitt landing gear. It would've also been used as a liaison & utility plane as was the Me-108. The real beauty of the design is that it was a larger, heavier, had the same engine & horsepower as the Me-108 but had better performance. The large dihedral wings made it more stable than the 108. It's often compared to a "Cadillac ride" compared to the Me-108 Taifun. What is amazing about both planes is that they're 4 seat, very efficient & good handling aircraft that are fully aerobatic with 2 on board & had folding wings for storage. Imagine if our modern civil planes were as good as they are!

The Me-209 in desert tan with the Berlin Bear squadron emblem on it that the teenager is standing in front of (flying a Me-208 is great but being trusted to fly it at 17 is fantastic!) I believe was featured in an issue of Plane & Pilot magazine back in the late 60s & was named "Broomhilda" after the comic witch of the same name. There were articles on the Me-108 & 208. There was also an article on a P-40 painted up in 112 squadron markings, complete with sharks mouth, of the RAF desert air force. It had been used in the making of the movie Tora, Tora, Tora for parts to keep the 2 flying P-40 flying for the cameras. It was supposed to be restored by the studio so he sued 20th Century Fox & won $5000.00 & the taken parts & he restored it (you can't do that for only $5,000.00 today!) in the RAF markings to honor all the help he'd received from the UK in restoring it.

There were rumors of plans to put the 208 back into production, I think is Switzerland, but they never came to pass. Too bad. They'd kick ass out of the 4 place planes coming out of Wichita & they'd have to greatly improve them up to compete with the Messerschmitts.
03/18/2012 @ 19:14 [ref: 54336]
 Dennis Alwine
 Deer Park, Washington 99006, WA
I'm in the process of acquiring two ME208/Nord 1101 aircraft with zero time engines and overhauled props. Aircraft used in the movie "PATTON." Wings and control surfaces re-furbished and covered...fuselage un-restored.

I only have time and energy for one of them. Is there some help/interest out there?

e-mail me if you have questions or ideas.
03/07/2011 @ 15:21 [ref: 36551]
 Lou Levison
 Klamath Falls, OR
May 7th, 1973, one month after my 16th birthday, my log book shows that I got to ferry an Me-208, N725L or (N72SL?)!!! Those were the days! My instructor was Toni Terri. The short hop was from Tony's Sky Mannor airport in Pittstown NJ to another private strip belonging to his uncle Sal Labate, an airline captain. I think his strip was in Pennsylvania, I got a ride back to Sky Mannor in a Cessna 182. The Me-208 had very marked dihedral and was very stable to fly. It was also very fast compared to the J-3 I soloed on!!! Landings were made easier by the wide tricycle landing gear, but were still fast. On the flight over, a helicopter crossed in front of me and I instinctively moved the stick over a little to point my nose at it and get in an imaginary "burst" before turning back away! I was a lucky kid, and can't imagine what a plane like that is worth today. The amazing thing is that the Me-108 & -208 would still be among the most efficient 4-place planes even today!
12/25/2009 @ 11:03 [ref: 25468]
 Dunstable, BC
I owned a Me208 (formerly NORD 1101)British registration was G-ATIX.Unfortunately the engine lost a piston whilst flying and could not be replaced.It was bought by an American and I would like to know where it is now???
08/16/2009 @ 06:36 [ref: 24341]
 Doug McCarthy
 Watford, Herts, OTH
My step Father Harry Elkin restored his Me 208 it was a 4 seater, with nose gear, the 108 (like Lindsay Waltons) had a tail wheel and the front undercarriage was hinged under the fuselage and retracet outwards in to the wings, BOTH were fighter/reconassance aircraft built in france near the end of the war. Harrys (G-ATJW) was sold in 1984 to one of the then Confedreate Airforce, does anybody know what happend to it? it was in original french Navy colours.
Doug McCarthy
08/25/2008 @ 11:41 [ref: 22543]
 Biff Bowley
 St. Louis, MO
Hey, Bernhard, your point was made after posting the same thing twice. Posting the same thing six times just confirms the presence of a low IQ.
07/01/2007 @ 04:43 [ref: 16996]
 Bernhard Klein
 Midland Park, NJ
Me 208 was NOT a fighter!
04/07/2007 @ 07:10 [ref: 16123]
 Bernhard Klein
 Midland Park, NJ
Me 208 was NOT a fighter!
04/07/2007 @ 07:10 [ref: 16122]


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