Messerschmitt Me-262

  Base model:Me 262
  Basic role:Fighter (Germany)

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Known serial numbers
121441 / 121444


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 Boyd Kidd
 Las Vegas, NV
01 In response to Question about Large Caliber Weapons used on Me-262A-1a U4 JFT(2)on wn 130 083 fn Wh V 083 :

Weapons Actually Used:

Bk5 50mm Nose Cannon
Mk114 55mm Nose Cannon
Mk214a 50mm Nose Cannon (Standard)
(Hit Ratio 25-27 out of burst of 30)

02 Weapons pending installation at Wars End on another AC

MG-213 50mm Revolving Nose Cannon
xxxxxx 75mm Nose Cannon
05/27/2008 @ 11:26 [ref: 21016]
 Kasseim wright
 phenix city, AL
Its the best Jet i've seen since the F-18's
03/14/2008 @ 08:27 [ref: 20013]
 Robert Nelles
 Brantford, ON
for what it is worth

Your right about white seven realy being yellow seven
I have the last identifiable /tracable piece of white five of the Fasburg five flown by Fritz Stella
09/19/2007 @ 19:02 [ref: 17968]
 Cologne, OTH
"sturmvogel" is the German Word for "Stormbird".
But in Germany i have never listen the name Sturmvogel for the Me 262. He was called "Schwalbe". 1433 ME 262 was build, 568 of them was build as the "Blitzbomber Version" or Fast-Bomber (Me 262 A-1c).
05/17/2006 @ 07:07 [ref: 13301]
 Arthur Pearce
 Winnipeg, MB

Hey all.
I recall a book series that features the 262 as well as the AR-234. Its called Stormbirds and for the moment, I can't remember any other info about this series. I'd also like to know what the name of the 262's bomber version is in english. My german is not very good, so I have no idea what Sturmvogel means.
10/29/2005 @ 23:31 [ref: 11608]
 Kenzingen, OTH
Does the company in Seattle that builds the ME 262 have a website ???
01/06/2005 @ 13:45 [ref: 9064]
 Boyd Kidd
 Las Vegas, NV
the photos you have displayed under Me-262:
left to right 1-15
are as follows:
1)Me-262A-1a/U4 Flying Tank (50mm Cannon) Germany during war
2)Me-262A-1a/U3 (U3Removed)in US
3)Me-262A-1a/U3 (U3 Remove) Hughes photo in US see 12 & 15
4)Replica B-1a being built in US Everett Washington
5)Replica B-1a being built in US Everett Washington
6)Me-262A-1a USAF Museum in US see 10
7)Me-262A-1a FE-110 in US just after War see 9
8)Me-262A-1b (Jabo) JAF White 3 in DM Munich Ger
9)Me-262A-1a FE-110 in US just after War see 7
10)Me-262A-1a USAF Museum in US see 6
11)Someones Model or Toy aircraft of a pre-production PT
12)Me-262A-1a/U3 (U3 Remove) Hughes photo in US see 3 & 15
13)Me-262A-1b (Jabo) JAF White 3 in DM Munich Ger
14)Me-262A-1a Fighters White 5 & 7 parked on pan Ger WWII
15)Me-262A-1a/U3 (U3 Remove) Hughes photo in US see3 & 12

have a nice day

12/05/2004 @ 19:36 [ref: 8795]
 Person who knows shit
 , MI
Look if someone already hasen't said this First Rocket was da Me-262 the Second was the Me-163 Komet and the Third was an allied plane called the gloster Metior.there was one other jet plane made that nbever got passed experi mental stage called the He-1078 SEARCH IT!
07/25/2004 @ 03:43 [ref: 7901]
 james pearl
 San Diego, CA
I have seen a picture of an Me 262 modified to carry a huge cannon that can be seen sticking out several feet from the nose, but I don't know much about this aircraft, if anyone knows anything else about it or has any more pictures of it or planes like it please contact me.
04/24/2003 @ 20:59 [ref: 6428]
 Seattle, WA
Five ME 262's are being built in Seattle, WA. Three single seaters, one two seater and one which can be either a single or two seater. The cost to purchase $2,000,000 ea. The website is www.stormbirds.com. The first flew in February of this year.
03/23/2003 @ 18:28 [ref: 6384]


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