Monerai "S" Sailplane

  Base model:"S" Sailplane
  Designation:"S" Sailplane
  Basic role:Glider

  Length: 19' 7" 5.9 m
  Wingspan: 39' 0" 11.8 m
  Empty Weight: 293 lb 132 kg



Examples of this type may be found at
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut

"S" Sailplane on display

New England Air Museum


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 Jerome Dodson
 Greensboro, NC
I have Monerai N 42289 with power pod and enclosed trailer. Also have a kit with a new engine and frame already welded. Will sell together or separately. Call Roger at 336 375 5395.
02/05/2016 @ 04:11 [ref: 69471]
 Joe Abrahamson
 phoenix, AZ
Friend of mine is trying to sell a partially completed Monerai. Its totally stock and no updates and needs a fair amount of work to get airworthy. Supposedly all the parts are there.

First off I am a good sized guy, 6'1" and 235 pounds. Am I going to fit in one of these? Second any idea on what a ballpark value is on something like this? No trailer with the plane, just the wings, fuselage and bits.

Thx, Joe (joeaksa@gmail.com)
09/17/2015 @ 06:47 [ref: 69248]
 Raleigh, NC
looking for a monerai kit or a flying one. please call me at 919 931 6845 or email me at amgadmalik@yahoo.com
08/18/2012 @ 14:59 [ref: 66071]
 , BC
Wanted monerai p, near western canada in flying condition

03/26/2012 @ 03:34 [ref: 54426]
 Tampa, FL
For Sale: Monerai P N51GV S/N 133
Center control stick (not side stick). 25 HP Zenoah Engine
Built in 1982 by Gerald Vilendrer in Wyoming, MN,
$4000, fully enclosed trailer included.
Pictures available on request

03/23/2012 @ 17:06 [ref: 54418]
 Newark, OH
We are looking to sell our Monerai S it is 8% built but most part, still all kit form.. It is missing 4 of the Ruddervator Ribs.. email me with questions ruble1967@gmail.com
01/16/2012 @ 13:41 [ref: 52143]
 Denis Beahan
 Charters Towers, Qld, OTH
I am following up on some correspondece last year ref Monerai gliders and was wondering if it is know if a kit
or part completed kit is available anywhere for sale?
Denis Beahan. denis.beahan@gmail.com
01/20/2011 @ 23:48 [ref: 35830]
 , CT
I have a partially completed Monerai S available for $2000 or Best Offer plus shipping. The fuselage welding and tail boom are completed. I have all remaining parts and plans.
10/24/2009 @ 03:59 [ref: 25214]
 , PA

Need to buy Monerai P , any offers send to p.wronowski@interia.pl
11/03/2008 @ 01:04 [ref: 22970]
 Paul Ackerman
 Fort Worth, TX
I purchased Bill Hill's Monerai S (last picture below). It is now located in Fort Worth Texas. The enclosed trailer has been completly overhauled. The aircraft has a new battery. A&P mechanic has gone thru the aircraft completly. All logs and original plans included. Well documented aircraft. $4500. Email me for additional pics and information @ texackerman@aol.com. 817-657-6751 Paul Ackerman.
01/03/2008 @ 07:38 [ref: 19128]


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