North American AJ-1 (A-2A) 'Savage'

  Manufacturer:North American

  Base model:AJ
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1946-1962
  Basic role:Attack
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  Length: 63' 19.2 m
  Wingspan: 75' 2" 22.9 m
  Gross Weight: 52,862 lb 23,973 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-44W
  Horsepower (each): 2400

  Max Speed: 471 mph 758 km/h 409 kt


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 , VA
This aircraft had THREE engines. two R-2800's and a J-33 turbojet in the fuselage.
07/14/2016 @ 03:48 [ref: 69711]
 Chuck Huber
 Albuquerque, NM
We now have a Face Book Group for the Heavy Attack Composite squadrons which flew the AJ Savages. I was in VC-8 1954/55. https://www.facebook.com/groups/composite56789/
09/30/2014 @ 03:47 [ref: 68675]
 Glenn Hudson
 Monroe, NC
After Crash crew duty at Oceana, Class B school in Tenn. Joined VC 8 at Pax River, practiced loading dummy a bombs , flew to Port Lyautey, went aboard USS Coral Sea for 3 months. Last flight off the Coral Sea was the day before the same plane crashed the next day at Naples. While back at Port Lyautey, our P2V landed At Rock of Gibralter with a bad engine and a flat tire.Four of us took a new engine and wheel for repairs Upon return to Sandford Was selected to move to NAS Jax to originate Vah one With the new A3D Aircraft,was Nite checkcrew leader until discharged as AM1 Sept. 1956
07/22/2011 @ 14:26 [ref: 42984]
 McFaddin (Mac) Moise Jr.
 Fort Myers, FL
My dad was a Navy test pilot on the AJ2 Savage. He died testing this plane out of Pautuxit. Anyone who knew him or has information about his life, the situation dealing with the aircraft, or whatever you know would be helpful to me in preserving his memory. He was also an Annapolis Grad.

Thank you.

10/05/2010 @ 09:39 [ref: 31124]
 Leroy Atkins
 Richmond, IN
Just read my entry of a few years ago. Want everyone to know I'm still "kicking". Phone is 765-966-3686. Addres is: 510 W. Main Street, Apt. 716, Richmond, IN 47374

Let me hear from you.
08/26/2010 @ 09:08 [ref: 29366]
 Kenneth S. \\
 Virginia Beach, VA
Second shot at " Comments" I joined VC-8 January 1952 at PaxRiv in the old VR-3 Hangar All the secrecy w/ Special ID card was finally clear after all the speculation. I had been at Pax since Aug 1948 w/ a short tour at Armament Test in the Hyd Shop, the AM's had been assigned the hydraulic duties, the AMM's had it during WWII. Having High Altitude Equipment Training as a side specialty I was trans to Physiological Test Section at Service Test. As a Tinbender I mfg'd all sorts of weird stuff for testing of anything that effected pilots and crew. We even flew many hours in a B-29(the Navy had three) testing diff O2 (pressure breathing) and heated flight suits. Just before I left ST I installed a Fire Suppression system in the plenum chamber of the AJ assigned to ST.That was my only experience with an AJ until joining VC-8.
The next four and a half years was spent fighting the hydraulic systems in that bird. During those years the Hyd Shop only had one CPO worth a damn,R.E."Chromedome" Pritchard(sp). As Senior PO and Section Leader I was saddled with a lot of resp. when the Chief wasn't around. I did two tours in the Med on the Coral Sea,Intrepid and the Randolph. The last tour was memorable because one AJ wound up in the catwalk and then the Skipper(B.K.Lloyd) landed with both tiptanks full and collapsed both outer wing panels.Thats another long story.
I made Chief June 1956 and headed for Shore Duty. I wound up back in VAH-15 (Tankers) in Norfolk. The Sqdn was decommissioned Jan 1959.The AJ was a "Cadillac" in the air but bitch to get it there. Thanks for listening. Ken "Red Rider" Reightler,Sr.
09/11/2007 @ 07:59 [ref: 17895]
 Bob Stengl
 New Orleans, LA
Lycoming used an AJ as a flying platform for their engine tests. It was based at the Stratford CT Airport during the late 70's and early 80's.
08/17/2007 @ 08:43 [ref: 17645]
 Guy E. Franklin
 Montgomery, AL
The AJ Savage was the first U.S. bomber designed especially to carry the atomic bomb. It was North American's first attack bomber for the U.S. Navy and was designed shortly after the end of World War II. It was a large twin-engine Heavy Attack aircraft for the Navy, as big as the Air Force medium bombers of the time, such as the B-45 Tornado.
In those early years of jet aircraft development, manufacturers were exploring ways to provide power using piston engines and a jet engine on the same airframe. The AJ-1 attack bomber used two 2,400 horsepower piston engines to power four-bladed propellers for long-range cruise. It then fired a 4,600-pound-thrust turbojet engine for extra speed over the target.

The AJ Savage had a crew of three and a single tail unit. Its folding wings allowed it to be stored on an aircraft carrier. After building three XAJ-1 prototypes and a static test model, North American began delivering the AJ-1.

The Savage entered service in September 1949 and carrier operations began in April 1950 on the USS Coral Sea. North American built more than 140 in the series. Later, some AJ models were converted into aerial tankers. Others, the AJ-2Ps, with a modified radome, carried 18 cameras. Their night shots were illuminated by a photo-flash unit in the fuselage. These models were standard equipment for the Navy heavy photographic squadrons until the early 1960s.

08/22/2005 @ 12:15 [ref: 11056]
 jerry mcdonough
 austin, TX
sewrved from 51 to 55 in vc-8. ae3 under chief gibbons. two tours in med at port lyautey. rode out hurricane in north atlantic off norfolk on midway. memorable med fam trip in p2v neptune losing oil on port engine over the alps on leg from naples to venice. returned to naples to await delivery of new engine from lyautey. other highlights of tour. bounced landing by lieut quitmeyer in madrid and being buzzed within yards at treviso airfield by italian fighter pilot celebrating his discharge. would appreciate hearing from other vc8 vets who remember me or any these or other events.
12/22/2004 @ 16:29 [ref: 8936]
 Kenneth Jennings Wooster
 Cortland, NY
Unfortunatelely my URL was not displayed as I intended in the message that I just sent.
It is at: http://skaneateles.org/navy/allsavages.html
07/27/2003 @ 08:49 [ref: 6596]


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