North American P-51 'Mustang'

Notes: North American model NA-91 aircraft ordered by the USAAF for use by the RAF (FD-418/FD-567)
  Manufacturer:North American

Control Panel
  Base model:P-51
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit
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Known serial numbers
41-37320 / 41-37469, 57987


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 St peters, MO
The P-51 was the germans worse nightmare, an effective escort with extended drop fuel tanks giving over 2000 mile range, now this airplane could fly long missions with the B-17s . They attack ground targets,destroying trains, factories and airfields the B-17s couldnt get !
Once the P-51 had the Allsion engine replaced with the British Merlin engine supercharger she went from 380 miles per hour to 420 miles per hour !They gave it a 4 blade propeller as well and later added malcon canopies to all P-40s for better visual.Althrough faster, the ME262 and ME163 jets were no match for the maneuverable P-51!The P-51 was the element that gave the allies success in protecting their bomber wings and hitting German ground targets in low flights,they destroyed alot of planes on the ground! A German General of the Luftwaffe said they lost the war once p-51 started flying escort missions !By the end of the war hald of the Nazis planes were destroyed by the P-51 ,since they were no match ! By the end of world war 2 the p-51 had 3 machine guns on each wing build into the front of the wing,alot more better guns with more amo then before !The and Messerschmitt Bf 109 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 were no match for the P-51 in the air ! This bird was a fighter that continued to be used after the war by other nations, an Israeli pilot during the 1967, 6 day war used his P-51 propellers to fly low enough to cut telephone lines in the sinai pensula so the Egypians couldnt communictae with their forces across the red sea !
The ultimate warbird of world war 2 the P-51 won the war !
02/10/2010 @ 09:08 [ref: 25708]
 Jeff Wheaton
 , CA
"P-51,...Cadillac of the skies!" Remember those words from "Empire of the Sun"? I've got to believe that Mr. Sweet is more than a little ignorant. Any way you slice it, the 51 is a hot bird! That's why Chuck Yeager flies one! I'm sayin' all this, and I'm actually more a fan of the Corsair, Harley Hog of the skies!
05/13/2004 @ 00:55 [ref: 7399]
 Richard Stell
 , NC
Is it possible Mr. Sweet is of German background? Sounds like a sore loser. What level of education did he complete? Grammar skills are lacking in his comment. Keep up the good work..thank you.
01/09/2003 @ 21:03 [ref: 6251]
 t michael jennings
 knoxville, TN

I am building a scale model aircraft of a P-51 (A thru D series). It will be a control live model aircraft. Looking for a P-51 that is not silver but is painted a color. Need photograph that show the top, both sides, and bottom view of the aircraft. It looks like the P-51A model is not silver.

Plan to publish an article in a model airplane magazine about the model's wing construction.

Will give you credit for the assistance.

Thank you,
T Michael Jennings
03/04/2002 @ 15:48 [ref: 4444]
 Don Beets
 , OR
No one knew Mr. Sweet was an ignorant fool till he told the whole
world with his big mouth.
09/18/2001 @ 14:31 [ref: 3210]
 Merritt Island, FL
Only an individual that hasn't seen, heard, touched, flown in, or actually piloted a P-51 Mustang, would ever make a comment such as Mr.Sweet made. As for the language used by others in this comment section, I seriously doubt if you have researched very deeply into the history of this great airplane.
09/02/2001 @ 11:22 [ref: 3096]
 andrew sweet
 , IL
i think the p51 was the a peice of carp plane
11/07/2000 @ 14:18 [ref: 1010]


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