North American P-51B 'Mustang'

  Manufacturer:North American

Control Panel
  Base model:P-51
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit
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Known serial numbers
42-106429 / 42-106540, 42-106541 / 42-106738, 42-106739 / 42-106978, 43-6313 / 43-7112, 43-7113 / 43-7202 , 43-12093 / 43-12492 , 43-24752 / 43-24901


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 Wilmington, NC
That's the Collings Foundation's two-seat P-51C, you idiot.
04/27/2011 @ 11:03 [ref: 37575]
 Stuart Castle
 York, North Yorkshire, UK, OTH
I\'ve just found the image of P51B 43-12193 on this site, I was surprised to see the plane has survived.
I wish to build a 1/48 scale model of this aircraft, could you please pass my details on to the person who owns her.
I would like any information on how the rear seat was installed etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Yours faithfully

Mr Stuart Castle
01/06/2011 @ 04:09 [ref: 35365]
 Aaron R. Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
Interestingly, the 357th FG did not operate the P-38 or P-47 but went straight to the P-51B/C.
11/02/2010 @ 16:11 [ref: 32964]
 Wilmington, NC
Most of the 3740 P-51Bs and Cs produced were assigned to the 8th and 9th Air Forces in England, with a lesser number with the 12th and 15th USAAF in Italy. The P-51B/C remained the prime Mustang variant in service from December 1943 until March of 1944, when the bubble-topped P-51D began to arrive. However, P-51B/C fighters remained predominant until the middle of 1944, and remained in combat until the end of the war in Europe even after the arrival of large numbers of P-51Ds. Even as late as the last month of the war, 1000 out of the 2500 Mustangs serving in the ETO were of the P-51B/C variety.

07/11/2010 @ 16:50 [ref: 27133]
 Wilmington, NC
On Wings Palette today, I saw three color profiles of a P-51B flown by the 4th FG's 334th FS. Its first pilot was Capt. Herbert J. Blanchfield. The first profile showed it in its original late-1943-style markings (olive drab with white bands on the wings, elevators and fin, and a white nose). When it first appeared it was coded QP-E. The second profile showed the aircraft with its tail stripes removed, and its nose painted red. The third profile showed the plane marked up in full D-Day colours and having been recoded QP-X, but otherwise similar to the second profile. These were the markings it wore when it was lost over Yugoslavia on 2 July 1944 with its new pilot, Lt. Ralph Hofer, at the controls.
06/11/2010 @ 08:31 [ref: 26583]
 Aaron Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
I`ve added one last photo of the P-51B in olive drab colors, and it has red surround around the late war markings.
08/03/2005 @ 09:37 [ref: 10920]
 Aaron Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
During the European theatre of operations a Spitfire crashed and burned in a farm field after motor failure. Its pilot was killed as he tried to land. The wreckage was located by a P-51B from Kingscliffe, England.
07/16/2005 @ 00:33 [ref: 10768]
 , PA
Back in the mid 1970s my father took me to the local airport.
It was in Hazleton Pa. There was a P-51B and a Corsair there. The 51 was standard OD and the Corsair was navy. They were not all prettied up. They were flat colored just like how they looked in war time. The guys put the planes through their paces. It was like their own little barnstorming show. Has anybody else seen these two planes at their local airports. This was in the mid 1970s. It certianly left a lasting image in my young mind. Just wondering who was nice enough to take their planes on a little show like that. I know there isn't many P-51bs and I can say I got to see one do stunts.
06/28/2005 @ 00:22 [ref: 10606]
 Aaron F. Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
In September 1945 a P-51B crashed at Englin Field, Florida, killing the pilot, Thomas Powell. It was taking off for a routline flight when it developed engine problems. Powell managed to exit the aircraft but was killed when he was to close to the ground.

06/25/2005 @ 10:20 [ref: 10579]
 Aaron F. Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
I have added one more photo of the P-51B.The Photo shows the P-51 in a Natural Grey scheme.All of the P-51Bs are in Olive Drab & Natural Grey.
10/09/2004 @ 11:59 [ref: 8416]


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