North American P-51C 'Mustang'

  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:P-51
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit
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Known serial numbers
42-102979 / 42-103328, 42-103329 / 42-103778, 42-103779 / 42-103978, 43-24902 / 43-25251, 44-10753 / 44-10782 , 44-10783 / 44-10817 , 44-10818 / 44-10852 , 44-10853 / 44-10858 , 44-10859 / 44-11036 , 44-11037 / 44-11122 , 44-11123 / 44-11152

Examples of this type may be found at
Confederate Air Force (Southern Minnesota Wing)South St. PaulMinnesota


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 Wilmington, NC
The aircraft, P-51C-10-NT S/N 4325050 of the 503rd FS, 339th FG, was lost in action on 2 March 1945 with its pilot, Lt. Esteban Terrats, at the controls. It's interesting to note that P-51Bs and Cs were still serving operationally as late as March 1945 (particularly in the CBI theatre) despite the healthy numbers of P-51D and K models then available.
10/03/2010 @ 14:16 [ref: 31097]
 Wilmington, NC
Of the 1750 Dallas-built P-51Cs, only 200 were delivered in standard olive drab finish.
06/01/2010 @ 07:49 [ref: 26532]
 Aaron Robinson
 Wilmington, NC
Of the 1750 P-51Cs produced, all but the first 350 used the more powerful V-1650-7 engine.
04/26/2010 @ 03:43 [ref: 26085]
 Merittea, GA
"it's over, the war is lost"- a high ranking German Officer said this during B-17 raid over Berlin when he heard the Mustang's Merlin engine.
02/22/2010 @ 19:14 [ref: 25771]
 Nathan W
 , GA
This website is not accurate on most Museums. There is a TP-51C at the Collings Foundation site in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. IT IS THE ONLY DUAL SEAT P-51 LEFT FROM WWII!!! According to the website, Gen. Eisenhower flew in the back seat over Normandy in one called "The Stars Look Down". The cool thing is that for $2200 YOU CAN FLY IN THIS AIRCRAFT AT THE MANY AIRSHOWS THAT IT TRAVELS TO!!!!!!! However, this is only for half an hour, you can pay another $1000 to fly for 1 Hour. Go to the website if you want to learn more about the plane, fly in their B-17, B-24, B-25, or see thier many other aircraft, MOST OF WHICH CAN FLY!!!!!
06/06/2008 @ 12:25 [ref: 21196]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
The P-51C was identical to the P-51B. The "C" indicated that it was constructed at the Dallas (TX) plant site. 1750 "C"s were constructed by NAA. Ironically the "D" models were made at both Inglewood (CA) and Dallas plant sites with no change in the mod letter to indicate factory location.
03/24/2006 @ 20:57 [ref: 12909]
 Paul Krumrei
 Grand Rapids, MN
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