North American T-39B 'Sabreliner'

Notes: Upgraded T-39A with doppler radar used to train pilots in radar navigation (3 PASSENGERS) .
  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:T-39
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
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Known serial numbers
60-3474 / 60-3477


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 David E.Schofield
 Merrimac, MA
In regards to the T-39B.

I served with the 4529th Oms, Nellis AFB, Nevada from August 20, 1963 to March 20, 1967.as Assistant Crew Chief on T-39B, s/n 60-3475. The Crew Chief was S/Sgt Alphonse Yannez. Perhaps I may be able to give you some information of some of the specs. on the aircraft.

Wingspan, length of the aircraft; Identical to the Navy's T-39D.

Engines; Two PWA J60-P3/P3A's (both engines were approved for the frame)

Service ceiling; 45,000 Ft

Max speed; 454 MPH

Range; 1200 Miles (plus-not really sure. Each mission consisted of 3 hours flying time.

Mission; Trainer for the R-14C Radar and doppler.

Special note; The B model had two vickers hydraulic pumps, engine mounted in the same place th A mobel had the DC Generators. The A model had an electric driven hydraulic pump mounted in the hell hole at the 11 o'clock position (looking forward}. The B model used a Starter/Generator for DC power. Also, the B model had an AC Constant Speed Drive to power an AC Generator to supply powere for the R-14C and Doppler Systems. The Aircraft could carry a crew of 3 plus 2 students. There were 2 training stations in the pax cabin for students to take training on the radar and doppler. This aircraft was developed soley for a traing aid for the F-105 fighter-bomber aircraft.
10/15/2002 @ 20:49 [ref: 5894]
 Claud Pipkin
 Houston, TX
In 1962-1965 I was stationed at Nellis AFB Nev. I worked on
radar systems in the F-105D/F (A Fire Control Technician).
There we had several T-39B's with the ASG-19 radar system
installed and they were used for navigational training.
01/29/2002 @ 16:24 [ref: 4212]
 Lee Trickett
 Westover ARB, MA
The 6 B's were brought in for that reason but later lost that mission and were assigned to the 4950 Test Wing, Wright-Patt, OH. While there they became avionics test beds for contractors proving DOD projects. There was one A Model assigned for the same purpose but the B's had the hydraulic driven AC generator for the projects. We kept them emaculate and they flew well. They developed wing spice plate cracks that required a trip to the "Bone Yard" to find a couple of pairs of wings. They were still flying in 1987 when I left for Japan... AFCC had a cami 39 for run alignments. When I returned in 1991 the 4950th was deactivated/ move back to Edwards. I imagine the 39's were put to rest and British Hawkers brought on line?.?. I was the crew chief on 477 and the Tweet S/N 141 during my time there... sweet planes, good missions and awesome people!
01/02/2002 @ 19:05 [ref: 3961]
 David E, Schofield
 Merrimac, MA
I have noticed that you have listed only 4 of the original T-39B's. In 1963, I enlisted in the Air Force and after taking boot camp at Lackland and Tech School at Amarillo AFB, Tx, I was assigned to the 4520th Combat Crew Training Wing at Nellis AFB, Nv. I was furhter assigned to the 5429th OMS. At that time, there were 6 T-39B's in service. In fact, they were the only six in the entire Air Force. Their mission was to train the F-105 pilots in the use of the radar systems on the F-105. Each T-39 had 3 radar training positions And that's all I will say about that. The tail numbers on the 6 are; 92873, 92874, 03474, 03475, 03476, and 03477. I was once the Assistant Crew Chief on 03475. My chief was SSgt Charlie Yanez.
09/06/2001 @ 15:19 [ref: 3122]