North American XAJ-1 'Savage'

  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:AJ
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1946-1962
  Basic role:Attack
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Known serial numbers
121460 / 121462


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 Pastor Jeffrey W. Clemens
 Bedford, VA
Since my last e-mail to your site there have been many gains on the Bedford AJ-1 Savage incident from 22 June 1950. The plane that exploded and fell in flames in Bedford was not an XAJ-1 as I wrote earlier (this designation was a mistaken reference taken from a Bedford Bulletin article covering the crash), but rather the first AJ-1 bomber 122590. After 52 years this crew will be getting their just due honors on November 10th in Huddleston, Virginia. The stone memorial is in awaiting installation by Richard McGann, mastor mason from Lynchburg, Virginia. One crew member's family has been contacted. In my research I was fortunate enough to get actual pictures of 590. It is a ghost plane that keeps appearing. She was lost on a cross-country ferry flight from Edwards Air Force base to her home station at NAS Pax River, Maryland. The cause of the crash was due to faulty fuel readings, and a mid-air explosion from the right engine which sounded as if a bearing were seized up in it. In the years to come the Savage would earn the title the "Widow Maker." Now it is time to complete this mission by finally getting these men home with the honor they and their families deserve. For God and Country, Pastor Jeff in VA.
09/28/2002 @ 00:07 [ref: 5776]
 Pastor Jeffrey W. Clemens
 Bedford, VA
In the early 1950's, an XAJ-1 crashed in my community killing its crew. This prototype was on a cross-country flight from California which ended in tragedy in Bedford County. At present I am involved in an effort to pay tribute to a B-25 crew which lost their lives during a night training mission here in 1943. The following site may prove of interest:


It is hoped that this lost Savage crew will also be remembered in Bedford as well. If anyone has any further information, or is interested in helping in this future project, please contact me.

Yours In Flight,
Pastor Jeff
12/21/2000 @ 01:22 [ref: 1217]