North American YAT-28E 'Trojan'

  Manufacturer:North American
  Base model:T-28
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Trainer
  Modified Mission:Tactical support
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Known serial numbers
513786, 513788


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 Louis Franco
 Port Hueneme, CA
I recently purchased the remains of the #2 YAT-28E, # 3786 from a junk yard. I'm currently looking for a set of wings and a front wind screen, intention is to get her set up for a static display.
02/02/2016 @ 21:14 [ref: 69468]
 Westerville, OH
Please reply here if you are willing and able to be interviewed on or off camera regarding the history of the YAT-28. My dad worked on these aircraft and the COIN conversions here in Columbus NAA plant. I am a professional video storyteller and would like to capture this history before it is too late.
Please reply here so everyone can see if there is interest and I will post an email where I can plan more with each of you.
Thank you!
11/27/2014 @ 05:59 [ref: 68785]
 Bob Droz
 Bartow, FL
My Dad was the Final/Flight Inspector on these I have one of the Desk Models made for the Executives ! Picture Posted, My Father was Diz Droz...............
01/05/2012 @ 07:03 [ref: 51830]
 Russ Chamberlin
 Cocoa, FL
I was at the North American Columbus plant in 1967 and worked for a short while for Ed Gillespie and Dick Wenzell as an Airborne Test Engineer (ex USAF NAV/B-52 EWO) operating all the back seat equipment in an F-4A (bailed from the Navy for the Condor contract), RA-5C(test bed), T-2B and T-28D, but not the YAT-28 turbo prop. It was flying developmental flights at the time. North American was buying up, through straw purchasers, all the surplus T-28's they could find and had them lined up on the flight line awaiting COIN conversion for South American air forces through a USAF contract. Most were flown in by their owners or brokers but not by the USAF 'cause they didn't own them yet. I'll never forget the day I watched a pink T-28 pull up to the T-28 parking area on the flight line and watch a pilot and companion get out of the a/c in their pink flight suits, carrying a pink dyed poodle. No joke.
01/03/2012 @ 20:32 [ref: 51785]
 Columbus, OH
If anyone has more info on this really cool trainer please contact me!
07/23/2011 @ 09:52 [ref: 43033]
 Columbus, OH
I added some photos of the North American YAT-28E, tail #0-2142 taken at North American aviation just before take off for its test flight in Arizona. My father was one of the airplane mechanics who worked on this first model. The photos are poor quality bcecause they are actually photos of photos. Also, some are cropped off so that close-ups of the tail # are visible. I was taking a trip down the memory lane of my fathers belongings and came across this. After searching for info on the T-28, I surprisingly came across this website. How cool that I even found anything!
07/23/2011 @ 09:51 [ref: 43032]
 Noland Harris
 Worthington, OH
I was in the NAA Weapons Systems Analysis Group at the time the YAT-28 was in the proposal stage and was tasked the job of finding all the remaining T-28Ds for possible conversion. The most I turn-up were in Argentina parked on the dock. The were from France and were suppose to go to the Navy but the Air Force wasn't having any of that. They remained crated awaiting the next coupe.
My company model of the YAT-28 will be on Ebay shortly.
12/15/2006 @ 18:03 [ref: 15012]
 Don Knox
 Summerville, SC
I have one of the original professional models of the YAT-28E aircraft built by Topping, Inc. for North American Aviation. This model was produced during the development of the #1 aircraft. The model is green with a tail No. of 0-21242. The model is fully loaded with arms and fuel tanks, and is in mint condition. It was geiven to me by a friend who's wife's Uncle worked on the original project. If anyone is interested in the model please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.
05/31/2005 @ 10:09 [ref: 10356]
 Hank Testa
 Tucson, AZ
There were 3 YAT-28E aircraft. I have submitted two pictures of the first aircraft, 52-1242, which I took in February 1963 as it taxied out for a test flight.

An Internet search turned up the following information at
< http://home.att.net/~jbaugher/1951.html >

"3786 converted to second prototype YAT-28E, with enlarged tail after experience with 52-1242. To civil registry as N2800E

3788 converted to third prototype YAT-28E, with further modified tail and revised canopy"

07/28/2003 @ 20:38 [ref: 6601]
 Hank Testa
 Tucson, AZ
I have a new e-mail address.
06/17/2002 @ 16:23 [ref: 5129]


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