Northrop YC-125B 'Raider'

  Base model:C-125
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
48-618 / 48-627

Examples of this type may be found at
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

YC-125B on display

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bill Williams
 Perrysburg, OH
Back in the mid-1950's I would hang around Stinston Field in San Antonio washing planes and doing odd jobs for an occasional ride. For several yesrs there was a YC-125 parked on the grass right across from the tower. No one I spoke to knew anything about it and one day it was just gone. I do remember, though, that the engines were license built by Studebaker.
06/16/2014 @ 11:30 [ref: 68516]
 John Swetland, msgt USAF ret
 Duluth, MN
Graduated from A&E school at Sheppard in January 1954. The YC-125's were student (classroom) aircraft used by students in the "transport/cargo" (afsc 43131W) course. I had a hard time believing those planes were sold and made airworthy.
08/08/2013 @ 05:20 [ref: 68005]
 Richard Martin
 Marcellus, MI
I attended A&E school at Sheppard AFB in 1959-60 and remember seeing three C125's way off the ramp in a field. I say field as it was not mowed. They were sinking into the ground up to half the main gear wheel. Walked out to look at them as I was going through on the C123's.
02/12/2013 @ 05:13 [ref: 67578]
 JC Wester
 Clarendon, PA
I too, attended A&E school at Sheppard AFB in 1950-51 and remember the C125. We also sat in the left hand seat and ran the engines. They had a neat single selector type switch to start the engines.
11/08/2010 @ 10:17 [ref: 33015]
 Ken Page
 Hemet, CA
I Got out of high school in 1950 & went to work @ Northrop as a gen. helper. 1st job was washing these a/c on the flight line. Took 2/3 people 2 days to scrub down ea. plane. The navigators seat had a periscope to use in his duties. We would set it to view the leadman's shack then take turns taking a nap. Never got caught, either!
It was a great airplane. They would take off from Hawthorne aiport using jato assist packs and climb like a "homesick angel".
Some were used as cargo a/c & some were used by coast guard rescue service.
08/09/2008 @ 16:44 [ref: 22407]
 costa pi[perakis
 dixon, CA

went to sheppard AFB for A&E school in sept.1951 i remember the tri engine air craft parked on the far end of the flight line.the instructor said the air craft could not crry the weight they were in tended for.I went to sheppard a number of time after.they were gone.I had heared that some entepranure bought them for next to nothing and sold them in south america as bush planes.
01/21/2008 @ 11:52 [ref: 19383]
 Bill Sherwood
 Phoenix, OR
In 1951 I attended A&E school at Sheppard A.F.B. The C-125's were used as classrooms. The instructor sat in the right hand seat, the student in the left, the rest of the class sat in the back. The student started the engines, did checks, etc. Thought I'd never see one of these again - brought back a lot of memories.
01/19/2007 @ 18:49 [ref: 15229]
 Darrel Rose
 Arlington, TX
Boy, did this bring back some memorys. I was attending
A&E school at Sheppard Air Force Base in 1950.
There were several of these C-125's parked in a field
and no one seemed to know anything about them.
I remember the interior padding or liner that had the
cris cross stitching . Sorry fellows I don't remember
what the proper term is for the material used.
They were beautifully made aircraft, but I could
never understand why Northrop of all people would
make a 3 engined plane that is so dated for the time.

09/24/2006 @ 09:53 [ref: 14276]
 winnipegmanitoba, MB
in the late 40,s the northrop raider was in kenora ontario canada,testing wheel ski,s on the ice at our winter air base . there was a DC-3 also on wheel ski,s they spent most of the winter there. I remember the noise they made every morning when they started up our windows rattled.I was about ten at the time.I am a retired airline pilot but started out flying bush planes northwestern ontario and manitoba.
08/19/2003 @ 18:59 [ref: 6649]


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