Piper AE-1 'Cub'

  Base model:AE
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1943-1943
  Basic role:Ambulance

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
30197 / 30296


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 Bradley Bauman
 atlanta, GA
So cool to see there are a few of yall out here restoring AE's!

I am working on a giant scale J-3 remote control model, 1/4 scale with a 106 inch wingspan. I would like to finish the model in a AE scheme and would much appreciate being able to model my ship after one of the existing EA's still flying.

If any of you all would like me to dress up my model like your real aircraft, I would be thrilled to have a real subject to work off of- I just need some pictures.

Most of my details are in place and I have been flying her; what can I say but she flies like a Cub! Coordinated rudder turns are a must, as well as good throttle management.

So far, the plane has been entirely covered in fabric, with accurate stitching details from tip to tail. Both seats and sticks have been installed, as well as a scale dash. All power supplies for this 18 lb model are concealed under the floor board and behind the firewall out of sight. They include 16 cells of A123 wired as 8s2p, I plan on switching to 10s2p for a better climb rate and more power to get around the wind.

You can see a pics of this Cub and some of my other aircraft here:

All pics are welcome!

06/18/2012 @ 07:30 [ref: 60239]
 Wilman Fuentes
 Montevideo, LA
Hi People... In our museum in Montevideo Uruguay, we have a Piper AE-1, we are restoring it and we need some pictures about inside, treem, throotle, seats... somebody can help us?
Thank you very much.
Best Regards.
08/08/2010 @ 12:44 [ref: 28697]
 St Louis, MO
I've started restoring my HE-1, but need help with the paint scheme. The buno # of my aircraft was assigned to MCAS Quantico. It was one of 10 assigned to the Marines. Does anyone have an idea of how that paint scheme looked??
05/23/2010 @ 08:30 [ref: 26412]
 , MO
I have a HE/AE-1 that I will be restoring. I am looking for any help and information. Thanks, Rob
03/09/2010 @ 05:47 [ref: 25856]
 Ken Hand
 , NH
This is a comment concerning the Piper YL-14. There were actually 14 of the YL-14 built before production was halted and it is one incredible airplane. The YL-14 that was restored in Spain was finished after another YL-14 was restored here in the good old USA.

My cousin restored his YL-14 in the mid-90's and it is a museum quality restoration. The plane is currently located in central Nebraska and was featured in the EAA's December 1996 Sport Aviation magazine. I was fortunate to have been able to fly in this aircraft twice, and was able to take some photos of the plane last September. Truly an incredible aircraft with the slotted leading edge and the unique landing gear.
02/12/2010 @ 09:02 [ref: 25711]
 Phil Kimbrell
 , NC
I have been reasearching the YL-14 (Army Crusier)which was the 3-place Piper Army air ambulance (J-5C) and (J-5CO oberservation). It had a full greenhouse over the streacher with LG shocks extending on the outside of the LG and attached to the outside of the fuselage . Also another interisting modification was the slotted leading edge (airfoil US35B) (STOL 100 ft. takeoff), and flaps. Eight were built and only one exists, located in Spain and was restored in 2003.(WWW.piperl-14.org)
05/05/2009 @ 11:35 [ref: 24146]
 Tom Carlstrom
 Des Moines, IA
I have a J-5C Cub that started as an AE-1, serial number 5-1473. (Is this the same as the HE-1, or are the designations the same?) My son Jason, who has the airplane now, is interested in restoration of the plane back to an AE-1. WE have little info, but it appears others on this website do have some. We would appreciate anything we could get about the deck configuration and design. It looks like we are OK with the covering, but it has been on for over 20 years now and is suspect. When it needs replacement, we will try to restore it to the AE-1 configuration. (Its "new" serial is 6470-15.)
03/19/2009 @ 13:20 [ref: 23979]
 Gene Linder
 Paola, KS
I have restored a HE1 and am trying to determine how many are still flying. Please contact me for additional details. 913-557-2559
12/25/2008 @ 20:07 [ref: 23344]
 Jason Carlstrom
 Spirit Lake, IA
I just wanted to update my email address. Please see my comment below for the information I am (still) looking for.

07/10/2006 @ 13:46 [ref: 13699]
 Robin King
 , WI
This Ambulence cub is now at Eggesford and we've recently removed the nose art on request of the owner. They also have an L18 that we are restoring to US ARMY Colors and about to paint the insignias. The anmbulence Cubs really are wonderful things to look at. "Abes Babe" was in Guam, Pearl Harbour and somewhere else I forget now!
05/17/2006 @ 10:45 [ref: 13305]


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