Piper J4A 'Cub Coupe'

  Base model:J4
  Nickname:Cub Coupe
  Basic role:Utility Transport

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Examples of this type may be found at
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona

J4A on display

Pima Air & Space Museum


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 North Benton, OH
Looking for a panel for 1940 J4 A. The one i have has been "Modernized" More instruments. Butchered in short. Any help appreciated.
08/11/2013 @ 05:14 [ref: 68010]
 Dan Downs
 , MT
This quiston is for Ron Ellis or anyone that knows where the center piece in the dash (mag switch mount,carb heat ext] came out of on his j4 Thanks
11/24/2010 @ 14:18 [ref: 33361]
 , AK
hi all ,, like meny befor me, i am looking for a cub, eney cub to restore , im am not a high roler , but have a hart for the work and the love for the cubs , it would be a dreem for me, if somehow , some one would like to see there old plane live on , would sind pic on the all the work on it, and stay in tuch if you like ,, yours tim
02/04/2010 @ 11:15 [ref: 25681]
 JJesse White
 Palatka,, FL
I am looking for a J-4 cub coupe 8 gal fuselage fuel tank and brackets. If anyone has the plans or know where one is, please give me a caLL; or e-mail me 386-530-0089
12/25/2009 @ 17:54 [ref: 25472]
 Tom Brewer
 Phoenix, AZ
In reference to photo Submitted by John A. Rice:

In reference to photo submitted by John A. Rice:
I helped rebuild,learned in, and soloed NC22763, in 1943,
at Sky Harbour,Phoenix. Just wondered if anyone has a
clue as to Her whereabouts or demise.

12/16/2007 @ 18:00 [ref: 18943]
 Wesley Wood
 Rapid City, SD
I am trying to find somone who can give me an approximate value for my 1941 J4E. It is a high time engine and will need to have some fabric work done in the next few years. I got the plane from my dad and I havn't flown in several years and think that it is time to sell it. Any information would be great.
Wes Wood
08/22/2007 @ 14:50 [ref: 17721]
 aurora, MN
I'm looking for a part # for a j4 brake master cyl.rebuild
kit.1 1/4" cyl.
06/29/2007 @ 16:23 [ref: 16986]
 David Jones
 , NY
I'm looking for main landing gear for 41 J4E, and a lower cowl. Please call 607-428-0311
06/27/2007 @ 08:18 [ref: 16953]
 , FL
new website, www.j4cub.com
12/06/2006 @ 12:02 [ref: 14932]
 Jacob Draaisma
 , MI
I am looking for help. I am restoring a 1940 J4-A and need some detailed photos to assist in finishing the restoration. Cockpit photos, engine compartment, window seals, cowling, etc... If someone has a flying 1940 J4-A please send me an email. Thanks in advance!
11/21/2006 @ 13:17 [ref: 14806]


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