Piper TG-8

  Base model:TG-8
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1941-1947
  Basic role:Training Glider

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
43-3009 / 43-3258, 43-12499 / 43-12501


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06/27/2011 @ 22:53 [ref: 39823]
 Marek Vala
 Kvasice, AB
Hello Airmen, we are building the TG-8 Glider, by conversion from the 1943 Piper L4. We have got the documentation from the Cub Club, but it is not complete. Any photos, documents, sketches, drawings and information about the Piper TG-8 will help us. So who wants a ride in TG-8? Look in your hangar and send all to us. We are really going to do it! We are in progress now, finish is planned in Spring 2012.


Marek Fala
Vcelin 168
76821 Kvasice
Czech Republic
phone. +420602779356
01/04/2011 @ 11:55 [ref: 35140]
 C.M. Stordahl (Bud)
 McMinnville, OR
We have a TG-8 in the Spruce Goose Musuem in Mcminnville, Oregon. It has been converted back to a J3. We would like any pictures, articles, or whatever that anyone has on the original built trainers.
12/01/2004 @ 02:36 [ref: 8752]
 George Manser
 , DE
I believe the best place to find any documentation would be with the US Army Air Corps Archives, and the at that era CAA as I recall the plaque in the aircraft stated it was presented by both organizations.

The repairs were accomplished by Rickcliffe M. Decker and Richard X. Karl both deceased.
09/08/2001 @ 20:01 [ref: 3142]
 George Manser
 , DE
I found three listed at the FAA website 2 in Florida and 1 in North Carolina. At least one seems to be active.

I have to plead ignorance don't know how to ship photos.
09/08/2001 @ 19:55 [ref: 3141]
 George Manser
 , DE
My Dad owned the firt TG-8 converted to a powered aircraft. The conversion was to a J-3 Cub. THe work was accomplished at Hadley Airport in South Plainfield, NJ.

Dad sold the aircraft to a buyer from Switzerland and the aircraft was shipped there. The aircraft had the N number of N 46490. This number is now on a Cessna in California.

Have a photo of both versions both very old and faded, our plane had a commerative plaque above the magneto switch.
09/08/2001 @ 19:16 [ref: 3140]
 , MO
I am curious about your known serial numbers and where this information was acquired.I am currently researching this aircraft and would be interested in any information or photographs available.
04/30/2000 @ 23:32 [ref: 141]
 Robert Mudd
 Marion, OH
1. Does a TG-8 glider still exist? If so where.

2. Where can I find original construction documentation of the changes made to the J-3 to convert it to the TG-8? I have asked the Piper Museum in Lock Haven, Pa. but they have no drawings.
04/20/2000 @ 22:31 [ref: 100]


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