Piper U-11A 'Aztec'

Notes: Light logistics transport used at continental united states (CONUS) naval bases (1 CREW, 4 PASSENGERS) .

Control Panel
  Base model:U-11
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
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Recent comments by our visitors
 Roger Kruser
 Dover, DE
I am currently working on Aztec sn 27-62 and would like to paint it Navy. I have pictures of the exterior of several
different tail numbers but have not been able to find anything on the interior. I would like to make this as authentic as possible and would appreciate any help. Thanks
03/10/2013 @ 01:25 [ref: 67658]
 bill query
 , FL
I flew the U-11 at N.S. Mayport, Fla. I had retired from the Navy and was recalled due to the shortage of pilots. As a former fighter pilot I found it fun to putt around the east coast and the islands. Since the door was prone to pop open in flight, we attached a rope to it and tied it off to the right seat. In my three years of flying it I had two engine failures. It didn't do well on one engine so you didn't lower the gear or flaps until you were sure you had the runway made.
05/30/2011 @ 08:30 [ref: 38890]
 don danielson
 walla walla, WA
As a Navy LT. I flew a number of the U-11A's. 149065, 067, 069, and 055 are in my logbook. I ended up with about 300 hoours in them. I was the air officer for COMPHIPRON five, and used them to take other officer up for their flight pay. They were nice little planes, and good instrument platforms. I ended up flying for Era Aviation (helicopters, Bell 212, bh412, Sikorsky s-61, and various small ones).
07/03/2010 @ 22:12 [ref: 26868]
 Roger Clark
 , MD
I was stationed in Alameda OMD from 1970-1973. We had 3 U-11's, 053, 067, and 069 side numbers. We transferred 1 of these at some point to I believe North Island. I was an electrician. Easy and simple plane to work on but with constant panel opening and closing for inspections, this did not hold up well.
07/18/2008 @ 06:30 [ref: 22166]
 John D. Voss
 , CA
In 1960 the USN procured twenty (20) Piper Aztec aircraft to meet a light transport requirement(BuNos 149050 -149069).
04/03/2006 @ 16:07 [ref: 13026]
 Peter Schrand
 Atlanta, GA
I was a US Navy mechanic assigned to maintain two U-11A's at the navy base in Mayprt Florida. It was 1981, and I think they got rid of them a few years later. We had our own hangar with a roll up fabric door near the firehouse. In typical navy inefficient fashion, seven or eight of us were assigned full time to maintain these little planes. On occasion I got to ride in the right seat because it was required to have a minimum of two people on board. The most distinctive feature I remember is that the wing was very thick. Except for the pay, it was one of the best jobs I ever had.
12/16/2004 @ 12:42 [ref: 8881]
 Joe Marchbanks
 , TX
Roosevelt Roads had two of those things when I was stationed
there during the 70's as an AT. Nothing special about either one of
them except that one had a door that would pop open at
certain power settings. Since they had civilian electronics
in them, they were always a pain to fix.
08/16/2004 @ 13:46 [ref: 8073]
 Bryan White
 , ID
Ref. the U-11A, The Navy did have some that were used as station aircraft. Naval Station Roosy Roads had two of them that I flew while stationed there. The Airforce had U-3's that were Cessna 310, I believe.
04/21/2002 @ 20:01 [ref: 4776]
 Harvey E. Huff
 Peabody, MA
Seems strange-you show as the SERVICE "USAF" but the photo is of an AZTEC in U.S. Navy markings. Wouldn't it be more accurate to add "U.S. Navy" to the service designation?

I flew civilian AZTEC's in a commuter airline role but never saw any reference to a USN version in my aviation experience. I stopped flying in 1977.


08/21/2001 @ 23:14 [ref: 2987]


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