Radioplane OQ-19

  Base model:OQ-19
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1947
  Basic role:Aerial Target, Flying Model

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
59-2875 / 59-4141

Examples of this type may be found at
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona


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 Frank Taubert
 San Antonio, TX
I flew OQ-19Bs in New Mexico, 1956 to 1959. It was for Nike Ajax and Hercules. One night I flew a OQ-19B for 3 hours one minute and reached an altitude of 30,000 feet MSL when the battery died. The plane was in perfect condition to have accomplished these things
My assignment was flying drones by radar.
The OQ-19B was the grandfather of the drones flying today.
06/16/2014 @ 05:28 [ref: 68513]
 don struke
 baltimore, MD
WW II B-17 vet Fain Pool, still alive and well (4/06) was the primary test pilot for the Air Force and Army Air Corps back in 1946-48, in the development testing of these UAVs, the OQ-19, were built by Radioplane Corp., Van Nuys, Calif, which was purchased by Northrop in about 1948. Fain was Chief of the Radio Control Pilot School at Wendover, UT, in 1946, and moved in 1947 to Alamorgordo, NM, which became Holloman AFB in 1947 or '48, where he trained pilots to fly different type aircraft by radio control. He was also doing developmental testing of the various drone aircraft that were being built by at least two different aircraft companies, Globe, and Radioplane. In 1947, after the Air Force became a separate service, Fain flew demonstration flights for the new Secretaries of the Army
and Air Force, Secretary Royall and Secretary Symington. Fain says somewhere in his footlockers he has photos of them standing beside him as he controlled the drones and put on an acrobatic show for them flying the
Radioplane OQ-19. He points out that the Global Hawk and the Predator UAVs grew out of that testing at Holloman. Fain's piloting skills had an earlier application in 1944 when he was selected to fly the first Project Aphrodite mission, in a war-weary B-17 loaded with 22,000 lbs of Torpex, across the English Channel towards a Nazi V-1 missile site in France. That plane too was a drone, but not before Fain set the controls and bailed out, when its flight was then directed by remote in a mother ship overhead.
04/08/2006 @ 19:33 [ref: 13090]
 Edward Arbogast
 Cadillac, MI
A retired Ari Force Captain friend of mine has a wrecked Radioplane found in the mud at the Avon Park Range in Florida. He and a Colonel friend wasnt to rebuild it for static Display at the Avon Park range. They have the wings, aft end with vertical stabilizer and rudder and elevator. They need scale drawings or sketches to rebuild the rest of the fuselage. They have a prop and will have no problem finding an engine. Could you be of any help to them. If available I will purchase the drawings , etc for the. Edward Arbogast
518 East Garfield
Cadillac, Michigan 49601 Thank You I was a Sergeant in the Air Force and crew chief on the P-47
03/27/2006 @ 17:38 [ref: 12943]
 Denny Cole
 Tampa, FL
I have one of these drones, would like to speak to anyone familiar with them. I am looking at building a 1/2 scale version Radio Controlled.
10/08/2004 @ 13:42 [ref: 8412]


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