Radioplane OQ-19B

  Base model:OQ-19
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1942-1947
  Basic role:Aerial Target, Flying Model

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Known serial numbers
55-0709 / 55-2708, 59-5048 / 59-5787


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 Frank Taubert
 , TX
The Army used the 19D model which had to be flown within visual range.
In 1954 the Army received the 19B which had a different control system which included a gyroscope which allowed it to be flown by M-33 radar, limiting factor was the range of the plotting board including altimeter to see the attitude of the plane. I flew one drone for 3 hours and one minute before the battery failed. I also reached 30,000 feet MSL with the same plane over White Sands, New Mexico.
This plane had just been shipped from the shop. All things were perfect for this one flight.
10/16/2010 @ 18:19 [ref: 31500]
 Bryan Karr
 Eureka, CA
I have a radioplane oq19b serial no.AF60 3857. I am looking for any specific information about these planes and hopefully information on mine.I have owned this plane for about twenty years and never known what exactly what I have.The plane is complete except for the battery and parachute.I also do not have any controls for it.If You could possibly let me know what I have I would appreciate it.
08/08/2005 @ 18:21 [ref: 10946]
 Larry E Lininger
 Orrstown, PA
Sir Would it be possible to obtain Engineering drawings of this A/C, especially of the gearbox of the contra-rotating propellers? The information is to be used to build a radio/ controlled model of this airplane. Thank you for time effort you have provided inmy effort to obtain this information.

Larry Lininger
11673 Tanyard Hill Road
Orrstown, Pa. 17244 USA

04/11/2000 @ 13:01 [ref: 62]


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